Look at me! I’m a guest host.

I don’t usually post on Wednesdays, but today, I’m making an exception. Christi Corbett has generously asked me to guest host her blog for a day.

Diane Lynn Tibert
Yeah! I'm a guest blogger.

I’ve never been a guest host for a blog before, so I wasn’t sure what a good hostess should bring to the occasion: drinks, cookies, delicate squares. If I could, I’d serve chocolate – my favourite fix. However, since those treats don’t travel well through email – yet – I thought I’d instead share my experience on being a panster. After all, flying by the seat of my pants is what I do best.

You’ll find my guest blog here: Christi Corbett’s Blog 

Thanks again, Christi, for having me for a visit.

6 thoughts on “Look at me! I’m a guest host.

    • Personally, I think writers are told it’s wrong to write without a detailed outline. I’ve read in several places the importance of the dreaded outline; they spoke of it as though it was THE LAW.

      Perhaps writers think they’re not doing it right if they don’t use an outline or can’t stick to one. Maybe they might think they they’re not good writers because of it. Maybe they even give up. In the writing world, we are often forced to think one way when one way doesn’t fit for all.

      I tried the LAW of outlines, but it just didn’t work for me. I think there are many others who feel the same way. However, one thing I forgot to mention is that I have a great memory for my story — not for real life, just my story — so I remember in detail what happened 50 pages ago.

      If you’re one to forget details or if you’re one who takes ten years to complete a story, then a general outline may come in handy just as a reminder.

      Lots of comments is great.

      Thanks, Christi.


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