Run With a New Blog in Blogland

Diane Lynn Tibert
Running is just putting one foot in front of the other . . . quickly.

A friend and fellow writer just began her first blog. Cheryl Davis O’Neill’s been running for almost ten years, and along the way, she’s heard some incredible stories. She wants to share these tales with readers through her blog and in a future book.

Cheryl’s book will focus on the Blue Nose Marathon. She’s hunting for stories that will inspire and motivate those who run, those who can’t run anymore and those who someday dream of running. The accounts need not be of the race itself, but the journey to get there.

If you’re a runner, dream of running or simply want to hear amazing stories about the challenges of running, check out Cheryl’s Running Tales.

3 thoughts on “Run With a New Blog in Blogland

  1. good stuff. It might help people find it easier if the address was highlighted so people could just click on it. We always want to promte new folks.


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