Diane in Runes

I’ve always been interested in ancient ways. Thankfully, writing gives me the opportunity and the excuse to read about unusual things and explore them in ways that might make some people roll their eyes.

“It just research,” I said when I bought The Druid Magic Handbook.

“I need to know what powers are within this stone, so my magic-user will get it right,” I said while flipping through the Healing Crystals and Gemstones, holding up stones I found on the beach to compare with the ones in the book.

“Oh, those lines across Nova Scotia . . . er . . . they’re grid lines, mapped centuries ago. There are secret monuments across the province, marking where they intercept each other,” I said when I was found surfing a most strange and unusual website.

One interesting website I stumbled on not long ago dealt with Viking Runes (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/vikings/runes.html). Visitors could enter a name and the ‘processor’ would write it in Viking Runes.

Diane Lynn Tibert
The letter A

6 thoughts on “Diane in Runes

    • It is pretty cool. I was thinking about adding a word or phrase in one of my art pieces. Something like peace or harmony or something similar. It would be like a hidden meaning.


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