Book Launch: Snow Day at Farmer Brown’s

On Saturday October 29th, author Shanda Cameron and illustrator Danielle Shreeman launched their second book at the Elmsdale Library.

I had read about the event in the local newspaper, The Weekly Press, and wanted to see firsthand how this self-published author went about presenting her book to the public.

It was a two-hour event orchestrated by library staff who had gone above and beyond what was expected to promote the event and make Cameron and Shreeman feel at home.

From promotional material provided at the launch, we learn Cameron “grew up in Shubenacadie and now resides in Shortts Lake, close to the hobby farm that acted as the inspiration for Snow Day at Farmer Brown’s.” Shreeman “grew up in the small community of River John and now resides in Lantz.” Both ladies first came together on Cameron’s first project, Feathered and Furry Friends.

Shreeman had the artwork she’d created for the book on display for everyone to see. As a budding artist, I was drawn to it, turning the pages to see how it was done.

Cameron was eager to share her knowledge. She said she didn’t have a book launch for her first book. Like many self-published authors – myself included – she didn’t want to expose herself in that way. This time around, when the opportunity to launch at the library was presented, she took advantage of it. She said it was still nerve racking, but she did it anyway because she knew it had to be done.

Cameron said that Shreeman formatted the words into the proper program, inserted the artwork and designed the book. Then she sent to Pictou Advocate for printing.

Snow Day at Farmer Brown’s is a delightful little story about farm animals having a very unique snow day. It was no surprise to my children who own ducks that the ducks in this story were down on the pond playing hockey; ducks are quirky that way.

Books can be purchased directly from Cameron ( or Shreeman ( They cost $10 each.

Shanda Cameron

5 thoughts on “Book Launch: Snow Day at Farmer Brown’s

  1. It was heart-warming to read the review for Shanda. My students enjoyed, “Snow Day At Farmer Brown’s” this past week. As their teacher, I was thrilled to know that many of them had already read or heard it before but were still very pleased to read it again. Danielle’s illustrations also inspire children to try writing and illustrating their own stories with enthusiasm!


  2. Thanks for mentioning this book, Diane.

    I hope the book launch was everything Shanda hoped it would be. Congrats, to you, Shanda! Agreed, it is not easy to put yourself out there, but it does get easier over time. 🙂


    • I alway love to help local writers get noticed.

      I recently read in Rural Delivery something I never thought of before: Save a farm, buy local. I do buy local because I don’t want food that may be unsafe shipped in from other countries But what I didn’t think about was my ability to keep a farm in Nova Scotia operational if I bought local goods. I know, a no-brainer, but sometimes our brains, like old LPs skip.

      A similar philosophy works with writers: Support a writer, read local.


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