Borrow My Book at the Library

The other day a friend asked if my youth novel, Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove, could be borrowed from the library. It was then I remembered I didn’t promote the availability of my book through this public location.

So here’s the announcement.

Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove by Candy McMudd is available at the following library locations around Nova Scotia:

Cole Harbour (Yes, hometown of Sydney Crosby and Diane Lynn Tibert)Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove

Woodlawn, Dartmouth


Sheet Harbour




If you live in Nova Scotia but not near one of these branches, you can request an inter-library loan.

Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove can be found in the library online catalogue and on library shelves. If you can’t find it, ask the librarian.

The story takes place on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia in a fictitious place called Cranberry Cove.

Prim, Ellis, Henry and Shona stumble onto the biggest mystery in Cranberry Cove. Together, they must face their fears to save their beloved island and find their missing uncle. But the ghost in Prim’s dream threatens to become real, and a mysterious neighbour turns up when they least expect him. Is he there to help? Or is the creepy man behind their uncle’s disappearance and the mysterious light that haunts Cranberry Cove?


Is your book available at a library? Note the book title and library location in the comment section. I’ll tell you why it’s important to have your book available at this public location in a future post.

6 thoughts on “Borrow My Book at the Library

  1. Hi Diane,
    My murder mystery
    For Hire, Messenger of God
    is available at:
    Keshen Goodman (Clayton Park)
    and last time I checked Alderney Gate Libraries.
    My new mystery
    Caught in the Line of Fire will also be available some time next week at those locations.


    • Thanks for making note of your books at the library, Art.

      I just put a hold on your book at the Elmsdale libray, but I’m not going out tonight to pick it up. A little too snowy for me to be on the roads.

      Art, are you having a book launch for “Caught in the Line of Fire”?


  2. Don’t forget the bookmobile, Diane. If your book is in say, one of the Annapolis Valley locations or South Shore, for instances, it can be borrowed through the bookmobile, thus reaching people in rural areas who so not have access to the library. 🙂


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