Gerard Butler’s eyes!? What’s up with that?

From my Stats Page, I’m told that on average one person a day has viewed my blog titled Using Images to Capture a Character since it was posted February 21, 2011. When it comes to blog post popularity, this one is fourth out of 68.

Why has this particular blog generated so much interest? Is it because it’s the best I’ve written? Nope. Is it because it discusses a unique topic? Nope.

The reason this blog is so popular is because of Gerard Butler’s eyes. Go figure. I never imagined this man’s eyes would harvest so much traffic for me, but somewhere out there today and again tomorrow, someone will google Butler’s eyes and come to my page to check ‘em out.

The wonderful thing about WordPress Stats is they provide the key words people use to find your blog. To find this particular post, folks have used:

gerard butler eyes

eyes gerard butler

drawing gerard butler eyes

drawing gerard butler

gerry butler eyes

In fact, there are 16 different Butler search phrases that have brought surfers to my website. Most involve his eyes.

Knowing the number of people looking for Gerry’s eyes has inspired my sketching this week. Below is a close up for anyone who comes looking. It’s nothing spectacular – the sketch not the eyes – because I’ve only been drawing faces off and on for about two years, but it does provide an in-depth look into this fellow’s Scottish-Irish soul (deep, dark, complex, stormy, a glint of innocence).

Gerard Butler - Diane Lynn Tibert

The eye colour was tricky because the picture — which can be viewed on the blog noted above — used as a reference was black and white except for the eyes. I wasn’t sure if the deep blue was true to colour or digitally enhanced, so I went searching on the net for – you guessed it – Gerard’s eyes. It turns out his eyes are green and grey with a tint of blue.Gerry Butler - Diane Lynn Tibert

Mmm, sounds an awful lot like the colour of my dad’s eyes (who coincidentally has Scottish in his blood). We called them cat eyes because they often changed colour depending on his mood, the lighting, the colour of clothing he wore, the time of day and the season. You can see how this might get confusing, and perhaps this is why so many people google Gerry’s eyes.

What does this all have to do with character development? Nothing…unless your character has cat eyes.

Unlike the rest of the world though, I see these eyes as Tam Mulryan’s, a character in my fantasy novel Shadows in the Stone. And for Tam, those steel blue eyes in the black and white photograph are almost perfect; his are deep blue like the calm waters of the ocean beneath a cloudless blue sky on a autumn day, like the vibrant dark blue in the blue jays’ feathers and a perfectly ripe wild blueberry unpicked from the field. Or to be more precise, a Copenhagen Blue Prismacolor pencil.

For the artists who’ll visit: The sketch took about five hours. I used 2B and 6B Graphite pencils, Tortillons blending stick and Prismacolor pencils (on the eyes only: black, white, lime peel, cloud blue, Copenhagen blue, blending stick). It was created on Loew Cornell 60lb paper.

14 thoughts on “Gerard Butler’s eyes!? What’s up with that?

  1. fun and interesting! thanks diane for sharing your gifts. as a fellow artist admiring gerard butlers wonderous eyes….


  2. If I could draw like you, I’d have an art studio. Perhaps you do, as I’ve just met you! Love Gerard Butler, esp in P.S. I Love YOu with Julia Roberts. Must have seen it five times! Like what you’ve written here, so I’ll keep checking back!


    • P.S. I Love You is waiting on my shelf for viewing. I just haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet. I loved Butler in Nym’s Island and Timeline. Darn that Scottish accent. I’m a sucker for it every time. I could be talked into anything if I could lay back, close my eyes and let some Scottish fellow read to me.

      I’ve no art studio unless you count the kitchen table. Thank you for your kind comments. I simply love to draw and eyes have always attracted me.

      By the way, I write a genealogy column which appears in The Western Star. My Roots to the Past blog is connected with it. Recently, I posted a blog on Rose Blanche ( and Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland (

      Thanks for visiting.


    • Gerry’s co-star in PS: I Love You was Hillary Swank, not Julia Roberts. However, I think Gerry and Julia together would be a hoot!


    • I like the last one where’s he’s kind of scruffy and has a beard. Sexy lokniog and all. I also like the one where he’s walking with his head downcast, lokniog all innocent and all . yeah right.Enjoy always, T


      • I see someone already stated that in another comment. I haven’t seen the full movie yet. I watched about 20 minutes, but I couldn’t get into it. Maybe some day when I’m bored I’ll watch it.


  3. First of all: Interesting post – the original as well as this one.
    And great work on the portrait. I’m always fascinated by people who do realistic art. I think you did really well with the eyes especially.

    Secondly: What a funny coincidence. I’m going to write a post (with a different take, though) about searches that led to my blog as well as talking about or showing some of my artwork soon. XD


    • Knowing the key words surfers use to find your blog is very important if you want to generate traffic. I’m glad we’re able to do this with WordPress. Knowing the key words can also direct our post because we learn what people are looking for. For example if we see key words such as ‘cat character’ we might focus a blog on cats as characters if our original post was only on human characters.

      Key words help let others who are searaching for that subject find us. If they begin to follow our blog, great, if not, at least I hope they found something useful in their one-time visit.

      Until about two years ago, all my human faces looked like something out of a horror movie. I had tried a few times to draw faces but failed. Two years ago, I bought a few books and tackled it again. I stuck with it this time and can now draw a face that’s somewhat recognisable. The past few months have been spent sketching cartoon faces, but now and again, I get back to the realistic face. The eyes fascinate me the most, so I’ve drawn probably about a thousand sets. When you get in close and are able to add the minute details, it’s challenging and fun. When you learn the basics, you can then stretch your imagination to weird and wonderful eyes.

      Thanks for your comments.


  4. I love checking all the fun search engine hits that get people to my blog. I think my post that gets the most hits is the one where I included a picture of the frog choking the bird that is in the process of eating it.

    Fun post!

    Christi Corbett


    • I know. It’s neat to see what people use to find me. My kids got the biggest kick out of ‘Diane farts’. Who thought of it? lol Blame it on the Whimpy Kid review because I mentioned fart.

      All I know is Gerard Butler better look out. Another man is hot on his trail when it comes to key word searches. At least one person, many times two people, find me by searching ‘John Wayne’. That man has staying power. I love him, always have. And the wonderful thing about a John Wayne movie is that all my kids can watch it.

      A frog choking a bird. Mmm, I’ll have to look for that when I’m next on your blog.

      Thanks, Christi.


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