Libby’s New to Blogland but Not to Writing

What would you do with dragon’s blood? Did Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan play cricket together on the same team? Which teenaged queens lost their heads, literally? Are you interested in garden gnomes? How about Tudor history?

Have I piqued your interest?

Then I recommend a visit to Let Them Grumble …dreaming defiantly and other tall tales, a new blog in Blogland I discovered about two weeks ago. It’s written by a young woman who may will match the works of Margaret Atwood someday. I can say this because I’ve sampled the writing of this Nova Scotia writer and witnessed her win two writing competitions.

Coincidentally, I subscribed before I knew who wrote the blog. The horses, dragons and garden gnomes snatched my attention and drew me in. And now I’m pleased to share the news about this new blog in Blogland.


Let Them Grumble

6 thoughts on “Libby’s New to Blogland but Not to Writing

  1. Thank you for the very flattering post, Diane, though those are some big shoes I have to fill if they match Margaret Atwood’s! Hope any new readers enjoy my blog! 🙂


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