Maud of the Red Mud

Occasionally, a blog I write for my Roots to the Past blog is related to writing. Today’s post is one of them. It gives a brief factual history on the life of Lucy Maud Montgomery, prolific writer and creator of Anne of Green Gables.

To read more about Maud of Prince Edward’s Island and to see pictures of her grave site and of Green Gables, read Maud of the Red Mud. If you’ve ever been to the island and dipped your feet in the mud, you know how staining memorable it is.

6 thoughts on “Maud of the Red Mud

  1. Near my hometown, there is a restaurant called Green Gables, attached to a cute little mountain playhouse. My high school class had our prom there in the 8os…and given the fact that I ended up marrying my prom date years later, Green Gables will always be special and have multi-dimensional meaning.


    • A resturant named Green Gables. Interesting. We had convenient store chain which for some reason changed their name about 15 years ago. For a long time afterwards, people still said, “Let’s go to the Green Gables.” lol

      Thanks, Tracy.


    • Maud has touched the lives of many people around the world, and almost everyone in the Maritimes. Remember when Green Gables, the convenience stores, were on every corner? It was in intrigate part of our society. The Needs store means nothing to me.


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