My Bags are Packed for Ath-o’Lea

Today begins my journey into Ath-o’Lea. That’s the name of the fantasy world where my characters of Shadows in the Stone dwell. This journey contains about 130,000 words and 42 chapters. It spans twelve years and about 300 miles. I’ll travel by foot, waggon, magic portal and horseback. Along the way I’ll see a child born, loyal men killed, a kidnapping and a chase.

I’ll witness heated arguments, passionate moments, sword fights, emotional turmoil and both innocent and evil magic. My path will cross that of honourable men, dutiful women, innocent children, humans, thieves, murderers, dwarfs, lords, hauflins, troglodytes, lost souls and stubborn ponies.

From previous experiences, I’ve learnt visits to Ath-o’Lea are detrimental to my life on Earth. Meals get skipped, laundry piles up, cupboards run out of glasses and plates, children are neglected, email goes unanswered and gallons of midnight oil get burnt.

I didn’t blog the last time I fully entered Ath-o’Lea, so I didn’t have to worry about posting. I needed only to remember to get my kids on the school bus with some sort of food called lunch and write 500 words once a week for my Roots to the Past column. A blog – two blogs – adds another source of distraction.

So what’s a worlds traveller to do?

For starters, I’ve decided to reduce my blog posts to once a week per blog: Monday for my writer~dreamer blog and Friday for my Roots to the Past blog.

Column notices will still appear on Tuesday on the Roots to the Past blog, but that’s all I can promise.

Updates on my progress in Ath-o’lea will appear randomly on my writer~dreamer blog.

Although I will attempt to visit the blogs of others, I can’t make any promises. I can only say I will file them in my will visit later blog file.

In a way, this writing stage is like hibernation. I don’t talk to many people and socialising is out of the question. Anything that tries to remove me from Ath-o’Lea is frowned upon. When one of my children ask things such as when will my favourite jeans be washed, I’ll mumble something about getting the words right to a spell or question whether a dwarf would eat rutabaga. Eventually, they leave me alone and silence returns to my writing world.

Shortly after winter gives way to spring I will return with a fully edited manuscript ready for the editor. Until then, happy blogging and good writing with your current work in progress.

8 thoughts on “My Bags are Packed for Ath-o’Lea

  1. my dad would be soo proud you are using atholea it was named after dad and his sister when they first built in the community lol best of luck in all you do diane


    • The street was named after your dad and aunt? Was his middle name Atholea? Please, share the story. I didn’t know where the name came from. When I went looking for a name for the world in which characters lived, I could think of no better name then the place where I first met them: Atholea Drive.

      Penny, thank you for visiting and sharing this bit of history.

      You know, for several years I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a book on the subdivision which is referred to on Mom’s deed as Atholea Subdivision. It includes the four streets which made it up: Atholea Drive, Beaver Crescent, Landsdowne and Parkway. It would focus on the first 30 years, basically from about 1960 to 1990. The reason is because I find myself forgetting a lot of the names and the families who lived there. Now may be a good time to start while there are still many of the older generation alive with memories in tack. If I waited 20 or 30 years, not only will my memories be faded further, many old residents will be gone.


  2. Have a safe but memorable journey. I hope you find lots of adventure along the way. We’ll be waiting for your return, and the occasional update. 🙂 Have fun!


    • Thanks, Darlene. I love to write; it’s my favourite pastime. I’ll be here every Monday with a new blog and off and on with updates, so I won’t be totally gone.


  3. There are few nicer places to go for an extended vacation than in your own world (if there is I haven’t found it yet…). Have nice trip! 😉


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