A Sampling of a Busy Week

I had hoped to post a different blog today, but this past week has been extremely busy. My editing schedule for Shadows in the Stone keeps my fingers moving at the keyboard, and although my progress isn’t great (only twelve chapters in eleven days), I’m still on track to make my March 31st deadline.

I’ve been considering different fonts for the chapter titles and the body of the text. There are so many to choose from it literally took an hour to consider them all.

I’m also playing with ideas for the front cover and gathering several interesting quotes from the story to use on the back cover.

In the art department, I’m rough sketching the map which will appear in the book and finalising place names. I love maps and place names, so this is an exercise in fun.

This past week I completed the sketch of Bronwyn, one of the main characters in Shadows in the Stone. I posted the basic sketch with last week’s blog, but will post it here again beside the finished version. I’m not completely satisfied with the drawing, so will create another after I finish the map.

Bronwyn is a young dwarf, only twenty years old at the beginning of the first book. I didn’t want the standard dwarf look. He doesn’t belong in the stories of Snow White or Lord of the Rings.

Outside my writing and art world, other things have kept me busy. Here are just a few.

Cotswold Sheep
My beautiful Cotswold ram, Thistle.
Toggenburg Goat
Rascal McTaz, my handsome Toggenburg buck looks up from his grain bucket.
Haflinger Gelding
The newest addition to our Moon Meadow Croft arrived March 4th. The Haflinger gelding is keeping us running for hay and running after him.

The blog I had started for today will appear next week after my research for it is complete. It ties into my novel, so it’s not as though I’m taking time away from editing to blog. The information I learn will be used immediately. More on that next Monday if I can get it completed along with the rest of my work with three kids home on March Break.

8 thoughts on “A Sampling of a Busy Week

  1. Great sketch Diane.
    Funny how I’ve never thought about doing that. There was one point in my teenybopper years when I toyed with the idea of being a cartoonist. Guess I’ll have to brush up those skills again.


    • Thanks, Ernesto. Some days I’m torn between the two: writing and sketching. Given my joy of being alone with a pencil and paper (or pen and paper), I could be locked up for days and not even notice. This is why I love a good snow storm and being house bound.


  2. Love the sketches. It must help bring your characters more alive when you can see what they actually look like.

    Animals are always good at distracting us but at least they’re warm and fuzzy. 🙂


    • Yes, I’m a very visual person, so it’s an incredible help to see their faces.

      Animals are great at distracting. I can spend hours outside with them and not realise I missed lunch.

      Thanks for dropping by.


  3. Congrats on sticking with your pursuit of your goals! (and for the great pics. of the animals)

    Christi Corbett


    • Thanks, Christi. I’ve been striving to reach this goal for so long it’s hard to believe it’s only a few months away. Glad you liked the pics. I adore my sheep and goats.


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