Two Busy Days NOT Writing

Nice weather forced chores into my schedule, reducing my time to write over the weekend. Needless to say, I’m not quite finished with editing my fantasy novel, Shadows in the Stone, before I send it to the editor this week. I hope to get the last few chapters completed today.

I might say I’m an anxious person, someone with little patients or a race to the finish line kinda writer because regardless of the project I’m working on, once I get to the last few chapters, I tend to open them all up. With four chapters left to go, all are completed in some way, so it’ll take very little time to knock them off the to-do list. Then it’s off to the editor with them. I’ll talk a little about finding an editor and working with one in an upcoming post.

So, what have I been up to this weekend besides feeding the livestock, raking hay off the grass so it can sprout, cleaning stalls, trimming hooves and hauling load after load of soiled hay to the manure pile? Watching our Cotswold sheep get sheared for the first time.

Before and after pictures of the sheep are found on my Moon Meadow Croft blog. Honestly, I feel I have two totally different sheep living in the backyard. They appear to be running around naked having lost their wool coats.

Cotswold sheep ewe
Isla after she was sheared. I never knew she was so small.

5 thoughts on “Two Busy Days NOT Writing

  1. Diane,

    I’m looking forward to your editor and how you found one post. Sounds like a great story!

    Christi Corbett


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