Which Cover Works Best?

Things aren’t always what they seem to be in a small town in the Land of Ath-o’Lea. Magic creeps in the shadows, waiting to pounce…

Corporal Bronwyn Darrow vows he’ll never fall victim to love again after the woman he adored betrays him. He directs his energies to rising in the ranks of Aruam Castle, aspiring to one day command as captain of the guards. Although he treasures his home and family, he is blinded both by his desire to succeed and a mysterious magic lurking in the shadows of the ancient castle.

Alaura of Niamh, a half-breed enchantress with a deadly past, takes refuge in Bronwyn’s hometown. When the two meet, the spell which binds them is stronger than their fears of falling in love. As Alaura’s secrets threaten to separate them forever, outside forces attempt to shatter the security of Aruam Castle and eliminate Bronwyn. When an orphan weaves their lives together, they embark on a journey destined to either destroy or deliver them to the passion living in their hearts.

Above is the back cover blurb I’m working on for Shadows in the Stone. Below are several book covers I designed this week. Which grabs your attention the most? Do you like one image but prefer the font of another cover? Please, share your thoughts.

Diane Lynn McGyver
Sample 01
Diane Lynn McGyver
Sample 03
Diane Lynn McGyver
Sample 02
Diane Lynn McGyver
Sample 04
Diane Lynn McGyver
Sample 05

22 thoughts on “Which Cover Works Best?

  1. I like sample #4. It has an aura of mystery and foreboding about it and matches the first line on the back cover – Magic creeps in the shadows, waiting to pounce. I can’t wait to read this book.


    • I really like No. 3, too. I have it on my cupboard door and can’t help but look at it. I will definitely be using it in the future though not for this book.

      Thanks for your opinion.


  2. I like sample 5 with sample 3 font. You have the stone up close and a font appropriate for that sort of atmosphere.


    • Thanks, Yolanda. I really liked the font in No. 3, but I couldn’t stay with it. Maybe next time. The stone wall in No. 5 is the inside of an old fortress. I love the stone work.


  3. Hi Diane, my eyes were drawn to #4. The black and white with the shadows give it a mysterious feel that pulls me in.


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