And the most popular cover is…

I had a lot of feedback on the sample book covers I posted yesterday through comments and messages. I also printed off the samples and showed them to everyone I met in the past 24 hours.

One suggestion was to lose a fantasy novel and add Debut novel by a Nova Scotia author, so I applied that advice. A few people said they liked this background and it fit well with the theme, but the text needed to be more dramatic. Of all the images, this one was favoured by the majority.

Taking the suggestions and comments into consideration, I’ve created a new cover. It’s a mix of the samples plus a bit more.

Below is the almost official cover for Shadows in the Stone. I’m certain I’ll tweak it here and there, but not too much.

Diane Lynn McGyver

9 thoughts on “And the most popular cover is…

    • Eek! I think you may be right, Laura. I keep staring at the cover wondering if I can make it better. Perhaps a little lighter, or a little darker, or a deeper colour tone. lol

      Thankfully, I have less than two weeks to play with it. Or it could drive me nuts.


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