East Hants Fine Arts Show

Earlier this year, I told myself I would finally enter the East Hants Fine Arts Show. That was a goal I had set, a promise I had made, a resolution. I had wanted to enter the show several times, but each May I found myself just standing there, admiring the art work of other artists while my children proudly displayed their creations.

This year was different. I not only entered, I submitted three pieces to be judged. Now, don’t get excited. I knew I wouldn’t place, wouldn’t even get an honourable mention. There are simply too many great artists who participate in the yearly event.

So last night I came home from the awards show with no ribbons, but did return with the satisfaction of knowing I had entered an art show…and three children who are now all award-winning artists.

The next thought the kids and I have are: where and when is the next art show in Nova Scotia (within an hour of home)? Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a website that lists all the shows around the province…mmm, perhaps I’ll make one on this site as I discover them. At least then I’d know where we could enter and others artists would have an easier time finding them.

Below are snaps I took last night of art with ribbons attached. Red is first, blue is second, white is third and green is honourable mention.

The larger green ribbons with the white circle top is for high point. This is awarded to an artist who has received the greatest number of points by placing first, second or third.

For example, a first place might get you 3 points, second might get you 2 while third might get you 1. If an artist got 2 first, 1 second and 2 third place ribbons, they’d earn 10 points. Artists are permitted to enter six pieces, so the more entered, the better chance a person has to win high point. My daughter received one—it’s tagged on her kitten painting.

These are some of the entries by my kids. Below them are examples of other art work from the show.

East Hants Fine Art Show

East Hants Fine Art Show

East Hants Fine Art Show

East Hants Fine Art Show

Here are my entries:

East Hants Fine Art Show

East Hants Fine Art Show

Here is my favourite piece of artwork in the show…

East Hants Fine Art Show

Below is the growing competition, the age group 10 to 12…

East Hants Fine Art Show


East Hants Fine Art Show
I was surprised to find this picture in the show. I had seen it hanging at the barn for the past few months. This is Maggie, the barn dog which passed away last year.


Many of the younger artists also showed off their skills. This is by a boy under the age of nine.

East Hants Fine Art Show

Lovely examples of adult art work…

East Hants Fine Art Show

East Hants Fine Art Show

The East Hants Fine Art Show is open to the public between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday May 5th and 6th. It takes place at the Milford Recreation Centre, Milford Station, Hants County, NS. This facility is located on the Number 2 Highway which runs from Elmsdale to Shubenacadie. Exit 9 off the 102 Highway is the easiest route. Yes, there are signs. The large blue building (not completely seen from the road) is behind the Fire Hall. Admission $2.

If you love to paint or draw, inquire about joining the East Hants Fine Art Association, and perhaps, you’ll have an entry for next May’s show.

10 thoughts on “East Hants Fine Arts Show

  1. I was just looking for the East Hants Fine art Association facebook page and googled the name, and found your page. I found it very interesting because I do the same thing every year, i go and look at the paintings and keep thinking I will try it one day, one day….sigh. Anyway I finally joined the group thought this is it, but then the 2014 show was cancelled, the president of the group stepped down and not enough time to get a new group together for a show. Anyway someone from the group contacted me this year saying it was starting up again this year, and like you mentioned months passed and I just didn’t get a painting done, So now I am entering my daughter’s paintings instead. (She is 7 and very excited). So your article has given me new hope! Next year I am going to get one done, no excuses this time, and regardless of the outcome I can finally say I did it too. So thanks for the good read! And the push I needed!
    PS FYI the group is now on facebook and has new president and secretary and if you ever decide to join again you will go on an email list so they can send you updates on meetings and such. East Hants Fine Art Association, and you can get info if you ever want to join or go to see the show again.

    • Sherry, I’m not exactly sure. The easiest way was to attend the art show and complete their application they had on hand. If you can email me, I can send you the phone number of one of the members. Email me at: tibert@live.com.

      I used to be a member, but things were very busy and I lost touch. The group is not very communicative, so I never made any of the meetings because there was no way to find out when they were taking place.

  2. What wonderful art on display and good for you for entering. My daughter is a potter and often dispalys her craft but I will have to stick to writing.

    • Thanks, Darlene. I love the work of potters. I have two lovely mugs I use for tea. I wouldn’t part with them. I always said that I wanted to try pottery before I die. That’s on my bucket list.

    • Lynn, I recommend buying an art book that suits your needs. Get a sketch pad with quality paper and quality pencils. It amazes me the difference in my drawings when I switched from copy paper and cheap pencils to the better quality products. I buy them at Michaels when they go on sale.

      Years ago I didn’t think I’d enter a competition either, but there I was this weekend.

      Thanks for the link. I’m downloading it as I type.

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