Versatile Blogger and Five Great Blogs to Follow

Versatile Blog AwardOn May 8th, Christi Corbett awarded me with a Versatile Blogger Award. Things have been so hectic this spring—with posts topics coming out of the woodwork and outside forces stealing me away from the computer—that I didn’t get a chance to respond.

The first step after receiving this award is to thank the person who presented it and link to their blog.

Thank you, Christi. Check out Christi’s blog to read her thoughts on writing and things that catches her interest. Don’t forget to watch the wonderful book trailer found under Site Pages.

The second step after receiving the Versatile Blogger Award is to tell seven things about yourself.

1) My favourite breakfast is Speerville Steel Cut Scottish Oatmeal with blueberries and raspberries. I eat it at least six mornings a week. Not only is it good for me, it’s organic, contains no preservatives and is produced right here in Atlantic Canada—Speerville, New Brunswick to be exact—so it doesn’t travel thousands of miles to get to my table. Speerville Flour Mill produces a wide array of products.

2) Although I’m not a big Facebook user—and the account I have is reserved for family and friend I’ve known forever—comments from a few writer friends suggested I should have a page for fans to visit and join. Not that I believe I have a huge number of fans, but the few who come looking might want to LIKE me. So I took some time last week and created a page to connect with readers. You can find it here. I also started a blog for my pen name, Diane Lynn McGyver. This one will be kept simple with only one post a week. Posts will not discuss how to write or the writing business, but will include nonfiction (such as explaining what a mortar and pestle is), fiction (short clips of stories), recipes (I love baking), essays (I do write one on occasion), news (launches, awards, signings, etc.) and fantastic creatures (some of my own making and others from centuries ago).

3) I’ve discovered from sleeping in the trailer in the backyard over the Victoria Day weekend that our barnyard is quite noisy at night. The horse neighs gently, the rooster has no idea people don’t want to get up at two in the morning, the train whistle blows long before it reaches the road-crossing, our Indian Runner duck, Jiggles, talks into the wee hours and I’m not sure, but I think our Toggenburg buck plays soccer in his stall at midnight.

4) Story ideas come to me at the strangest times. The most recent short story idea came to me while driving home from Middle Musquodoboit with nine bales of hay squished into the back of my Ford Focus wagon, my daughter sitting in the passenger seat and the radio playing country tunes. The Man Who Reads Obituaries is almost complete.

5) I don’t watch television. Occasionally I’ll stop and watch a good-news story on the evening news or get hooked into watching the rest of Corner Gas or Red Green Show if the television is already on. Otherwise, I watch movies on DVD so I see the full version—nothing cut out—and avoid commercials which I’ve come to realise after more than four decades are mostly lies and propaganda.

6) I only own seven pairs of footwear: going to town sneakers, barnyard sneakers, rubber boots, winter boots, riding boots, flippers and sandals.

7) I enjoy things made of wood. At the recent East Hants Fine Art Show, I met up with Marty Manuel, a man I had met before because of his unusual art form: shaped wood. Below is a picture of a mushroom he created. More on Marty in a future blog.

Marty Manuel

The third and final step to receiving this award is to nominate and link to five blogs I enjoy.

1) Art Burton (aka Latties Brook Writer), author of Hobos I Have Known

2) Mindy Lee George, author of Catching Rainbows—Poems from the Heart

3) Gene Lempp at Designing from Bones with his fabulous Blog Treasures

4) Yolanda Presant at A Land of Promise ~ The Lives of My British and French Ancestors

5) Libby at Let Them Grumble

NOTE: An opportunity to win a free ebook copy of Shadows in the Stone ends in ten days. Read more about it and enter the giveway here. Also, I’m looking for two more people to review the fantasy novel.

8 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger and Five Great Blogs to Follow

  1. Nice to learn some more things about you Diane. Please don’t tell my husband about your 7 pairs of footwear. ( I have him believing one can’t exist without dozens of pairs of shoes!) I love your new blog too.


    • Thanks, Darlene. The new design jumped out at me when I seen the swirl on top. And I love blue. And it’s simple. I like that in my busy life.

      I have a sister who has more pairs of shoes than I have socks. I used to run more in barefeet than shoes, but lately I haven’t had the luxury of doing that, so I need some type of footwear.


    • Libby, we all ramble at times; it is the best way to share our worlds and sometimes find the story within. Rambling and ranting are good practice for writing. When a character who rambles comes along, you’ll might already know what they’re going to say.


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