Are Book Launches a Thing of the Past?

frogHave you ever been to a book launch—a physical book launch where you get to meet the author and buy a paperback copy of the publication? It’s exciting, isn’t it? Seeing all those books flying off the table, chatting with writers and readers and sampling little squares. I’m certain there are many happy memories made from these events, for both the writer and the reader.

Book launches were important to get the writer’s name and book out there, and to sell a huge amount of books in a short period of time. Publishers used these events as marketing tools. Even if a person missed the launch, they may make a mental note to buy the book another time, or simply go online and buy a paper copy.

Sometimes the life and the death of a book depended on the book launch.

So how have ebooks changed this? Do publishers and writers plan launches for electronic versions of books? Are book launches still an important marketing tool? Or have they lost their importance?

To see what Bob Mayer thinks, read his post How important is a book launch? at The Writers Guide to Publishing.

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2 thoughts on “Are Book Launches a Thing of the Past?

  1. I have had book launches for both of my published books. I held them at our local bookstore and they were very successful. Many people came and bought my books plus other books in the store. It was great for the local store and made me feel good too. I had a lot of fun reading from the book and signing copies. Many people bought 5 – 6 copies for various young people in their lives as well as for themselves. I will do another one for sure. For the e-books I just sent out notices and made postings on Facebook, Twitter etc. I have atended e-book launches on facebook.


    • A book launch is an increible event. I attended one a few months ago at the local library, and I couldn’t believe the turn-out, or the number of books sold in that one hour. Like you, Darlene, I’ve seen people leave with five or six copies tucked under their arm. It does the heart good to know there are so many people out there who read and value the book.

      I don’t think book launches will die; I think if anything, they’ll grow for paper books. Who knows, maybe a time will come when you can have a physical ebook launch where readers can come and download your novel directly from your computer. Now, wouldn’t that be neat?


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