Author Interview: Paul Kater

Paul KaterName: Paul Kater

Do you write with a pen name? If so, what is it?

No, I write under my own name.

In which country were you born, and which one do you live in now?

I was born and still live in the Netherlands. (That’s Europe)

Which genres do you write in?

My main genre is Fantasy, sometimes with a touch of Science Fiction, and I dabble a bit in Steampunk. I have found that Steampunk is harder for me to write, even though I love the idea behind it.

How many books have you had published? (feel free to name a few of the most recent)Paul Kater - Hilda of Aiaia

So far I have 9 books published in the Hilda the Wicked Witch series, and 4 others. The most recent ones are The Devil’s Diary, Hilda – Dragon Master (book 8 in the series) and Hilda – Aiaia which is book 9.

What is the title of the first novel you had published?

Hilda – SnowWhite revisited, the second book in the series, is the first novel-length book I brought out.

What is the title of your most current published novel?

That would be Hilda – Aiaia, which I have mentioned before.

What is the working title of the next book you plan to publish?

Oh, tough one as I am not sure which one will be done first. I have one in the works called Green Haven, and then there is Hilda 10, which has no proper title yet.

Do you read hard cover, paper books, ebooks or audio? Or a mixture?

E-books mainly, then paperbacks and then hard-covers. I’ve been moving away from paper books since I got my first e-reader because it is so much more convenient for me.

If you could be a character from a book, who would you choose?

I assume you mean any book, not specifically one I wrote. In that case I think I’d chose Paul Atreides, from the Dune books by Frank Herbert.

[Note from Diane: Yes, I do mean from a book you haven’t written.]

What is the first 300 words in your latest novel (ending with a period)?

“Crappedy crap! William!” The sound of breaking wood almost drowned out the angry outcry of the wicked witch.

The wizard rushed into the house, leaving his stack of branches and some half-finished products. “What’s happening?”

“Your bloody broomsticks are what’s happening,” Hilda snapped, pointing at the remains of two former brooms as her wizard reached the kitchen.

“Oh. These didn’t work either?”

Hilda, hands on her hips, tapped her foot on the floor. “If you want to pretend to be an apprentice, let me tell you that you can stop practising. You passed.”

“Ouch!” William looked around and grabbed the half-done broom that had just slapped him in the back. He spat a spell at it and the half-broom stopped trying to get into the kitchen. “Hmm, yes, perhaps I should stop this child’s stuff and go back to being a proper wizard.”

“Go back?” Hilda sneered. “You’re still learning to become one!” She looked at the pieces of broom that lay scattered on the floor. “Why do they all try to get into the kitchen anyway?”

“For the buckets.” William knew he had to explain more. “I once saw a movie where brooms were made to help cleaning, and they went to get buckets with water.”

“Movie. Brooms. Buckets. You need to lie down, William, and I need to contact someone to come over and have a look at you. You were fine for a while, but these flashbacks from your old life are taking over again.” Hilda left the kitchen. “I am going to do sensible things. You are in charge of removing this mess and fixing dinner.”

William scowled at the back of his witch. Hilda and sensible things. Then he turned and faced the remains of his experiment.

Who is your favourite character in this most recently book?

Definitely Hilda the wicked witch. She is my darling, also in real life (although her real name is different. 🙂

The questions from a to l are for your main character in your most recently published novel:

a) Name: Grimhilda, Hilda for friends

b) Male or Female: Female

c) Age: Over 25. Not saying more.

d) Where were you born? In a small town called Rompford

e) What is your favourite colour? PURPLE!

f) Are you married? If so, what is your spouse’s name? I have a bond with my wizard William.

g) Do you have children? How many? Nope.

h) Are your parents dead or alive? They still live, somewhere. It’s hard to kill good magical people

i) Who is your best friend? Baba Yaga

j) Who is your worst enemy? Up to now that was Lamador, but he is no more. Not sure who will fit the label now.

k) What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? Ice cream? What’s ice cream

l) What do you fear the most? That I lose my magic.

Now, back to you. A few quick questions:

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite movie: Avatar (by James Cameron)

Favourite song: Airship Pirate

Favourite musical artist: Abney Park

Favourite ice cream flavour: chocolate

Biggest dream you hope to accomplish before kicking the bucket: Become a known writer.

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