I’m at Chompasaurus Reviews Today!

Author InterviewThe weather is cooling a wee bit, giving me chills. Over the past week, my body has slowly adjusted to the sizzling temperatures of 30, 35 and (Eek!) 39. It’s currently only 18 degrees Celsius, a far cry from what I’m used to. I feel as if I need a sweater.

The cool temperatures are a wonderful way to start a week. Appearing on someone else’s blog is another awesome way to start the seven-day cycle. But first, let me explain the name.

Chompasaurus: According to Annie K. Johnson, it’s a nickname for her pet rabbit. This rabbit chomps on everything, including books, making it a perfect ‘mascot’ for a book review blog.

Annie has graciously posted an interview of me on Compasaurus Reviews. You can check it out here at Interview with Diane Lynn McGyver .

While you’re there, have a look around and check out book reviews and interviews of other authors. Enjoy.

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