Sunday Morning Blog Read

Diane Lynn McGyverMy Sunday morning ritual is simple. Rise early—a few hours before the kids roll out of bed—make a bowl of Steel-cut Scottish Oatmeal, add blueberries and raspberries to the mix and pour myself a large mug of tea. Then I surf the Internet, catching up on different blogs I follow and seeing what’s new and exciting out there.

This morning, I came across a post that lists several other interesting blog posts for writers. The topics include:

Is the Author Solutions Acquisition a Good Thing for Authors?

This has to do with Penguin buying Author Solutions, a company with a horrible reputation for exploiting writers who want to self-publish. iUniverse and Trafford are two ‘branches’ of Author Solutions.

Is “Platform” Saturated?

We hear a lot about building platforms these days. I’m going back to read this after I post here.

Show Me the Money…(in 10 steps or less)

Analysing the out-flow and in-flow of money.

The Easy Way to Get Your US Tax Back

Everyone who got caught with their pants down (or their kilt up) and had to handover 30% of their royalties to the IRS might want to take a look at that one.

How Facebook Advertising Works for Authors

I want to learn more about this, too. I’ve been seeing more book ads lately, and I wondered what was involved. A friend of mine used an ad for her soon-to-be-released book, and received about 100 likes to her page because of it. But does this mean she’ll actually make money from the ads? Only time will tell.

You’ll find the links to these posts on Joel Friedlander’s blog, The Book Designer – practical advice to help build better books.

Happy Blogging, and Happy Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Blog Read

  1. Xlibris is another Author Solutions branch. And apparently Penguin (Pearson) has no plans to change the way Author Solutions does business. This is very bad news for new Indie writers who have no way to find this out and will now be sucked in even more easily because of the association with a traditional publisher. I was taken in by iUniverse four years ago.


    • From what I’ve read, Yvonne, I think you’re right. Penguin praised the company, which indicates they approve of their tactics. I feel for new writers who get sucked into poor arrangements with companies like Author Solutions. This is why research is so important before committing to anything. With bloggers speaking out against these companies, it’s easier for new writers to find the information.

      I considered iUniverse a few years ago when I wanted to publish, but the price of their packages scared me off. I didn’t have the money, but I wonder if I did have it, would I have jumped on the wagon. It was a long haul, but now I have the skills to self-publish, and won’t ever consider that route again.

      Thanks for your comments.


      • Glad you did not get caught.. I tried to do my research, but with so many vanity publishers out there, and so few legit companies, doing the research is well nigh impossible. That’s what makes it such a trap for the naive.


        • Yvonne, I don’t recall finding anything negative about iUniverse four years ago. It was hard to judge them. Now, complaints are easier to find because writers are speaking out. I’m sorry you got caught. We all have to learn lessons in this new business. I’ve made plenty of mistakes. I think we all have.


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