A New Facebook Group for Writers of Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia WritersI started a group. Not just any group but one for writers who live in Nova Scotia. Writers born in the province and live elsewhere can also join. After all, once a Bluenoser, always a Bluenoser.

It’s a Facebook group. Here’s the low-down.

Goal: To bring together Nova Scotia writers to share information about their writing experience, to promote their work and that of others in the province.

Members: The group is open to all writers who live in Nova Scotia or who were born here but live away, published or working towards getting published. Exceptions will be granted to individuals who write material that relates to the province. In other words, if you’ve visited, fell in love with a community and set your novel in that location, you’re welcome to participate.

Content: Writers are welcome to share their writing experience and questions. News about book releases, book launches, author visits, book events and any other book-related news happening in Nova Scotia is also appreciate. Links to blog posts, newspaper articles and other writing articles are welcome.

Rules: There are just a few.

1) Anyone caught misbehaving and posting nasty things about another writer on the list will be immediately booted into the sea without a life line. I’ve no tolerance for childish behaviour.

2) I don’t mind the odd posting of your book, in fact, when you first join, please, introduce yourself and tell us what you’ve written. However, constant posting of the books you have for sale will result in a warning. This is not a forum to run your commercial once or more a day. If self-promotion gets out of hand, I’ll designate one day a week only for it. I prefer not to do this though since some may have a sale on Tuesday while another might have a sale on Friday.

3) Other rules will be added if needed.

If you’re a Bluenoser and want to join, check it out here at Nova Scotia Writers.

Nova Scotia Writers

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9 thoughts on “A New Facebook Group for Writers of Nova Scotia

    • Thanks for visiting and joining the Nova Scotia Writers group, Renee. I checked out Story Finds, but I must return again when I have more time. This is a busy time as we prepare to shut down our summer activities and get ready for school on Thursday. I’d like to learn more about highlighting Canadian authors for the month.


      • No problem Diane. I just hit Staples and within 30min had all my gear for the 4 children. I would rather write a cheque any day for that. I hate shopping. And now I’ve got 2 birthdays with my younger children in September and my 3rd YA goes live mid-September, and I have another short 15,000 word romance due by the end of Sept – I hear you about freaking out. Do check it out the Canadian Proud Spotlight feature when you can – it’s getting lots of buzz and the average time a reader is on that page is over 7min which is huge.


  1. This is great having a blog for Nova Scotia writers. I finally found a national distributor for my book “The Hat Trick Murders”. It was a difficult task for a self published independant writer, and with this blog we can start exchanging ideas and help each other.


    • Thanks, John, and welcome to the Nova Scotia Writers group. It’s a great place to ask questions, give answers and comment. The members make the group, so I hope everyone enjoys it.


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