Author Interview: Lynn Murphy

Name: Lynn Murphy

Do you write in a pen name? If so what is it?

No, I always use my name.

In which country were you born and where do you live now?

I was born in the United States and I currently live in Peachtree City Ga, 25 miles south of Atlanta.

What genres do you write in?

Contemporary romance, historical romance, Christian/inspirational, contemporary fiction and sometimes, young adult and middle grades.

How many books have you published?

Five. I am currently working on two more.

Which is your first published novel?Lynn Murphy - The Time of My Life

I’ll Be Seeing You (and it’s my best seller).

What is your most current novel?

The Time Of My Life.

What us the working title of the next book you plan to publish?

Look To The Rainbow– it’s a sequel to I’ll Be Seeing You.

Do you read hard cover, paperbacks, e books, audio or a mixture?

I don’t do audio books, but I do read a mixture of all the others.

If you could be a character from a book (not one you’ve written) who would you choose? Skeeter in The Help. She was a writer and she wasn’t afraid to do the right thing.

What is the first 300 words in your latest novel?

It’s funny how you only remember the good stuff from when you were little. I remember when the neighborhood I grew up in was safe for little kids to play in. When drive-bys weren’t the norm and everybody didn’t dress in gang colors. Maybe those things existed then, I’m sure they did, but I didn’t know about them. What I remember is running races in the front yard with my dad and playing basketball in the driveway. I remember raking leaves and drinking hot chocolate in the kitchen. Sunday dinners with Gram and going to church. I never knew my mom since she died having me, but everybody made up for her absence. We were never rich, but it didn’t matter.

The thing is, you don’t stay little. You have to grow up. And with growing up the bad things start to happen. In my neighborhood, it’s really bad things. Friends you played with yesterday get jumped into gangs tomorrow. Relatives start pressuring you to do things you know aren’t right. You see drug deals on the corner as you walk to school. Your safe neighborhood turns bad and everyone who can moves out. Your school gets labeled as low achieving and all the good teachers go somewhere else and then your dad gets killed in a drive-by shooting. When that happens, you don’t care about being good or getting good grades. Then it starts to look more appealing to be in a gang. After all, you aren’t going anywhere anyway.

At least that’s what happened to me.

Not right away. It happened gradually. I went to live with my grandmother. I was pretty young, only seven when he was killed. My uncle, DeShaun, felt bad about my dad.

See, the drive by was meant for him. Before that night, I’d been a straight A student and a kid who nobody would ever think would even consider not doing his best. Dad and Gram used to say I would have made my mother proud, since she was a teacher, just like my dad. By the time I reached high school, DeShaun and his friends were the only role models I had. My grades began to slide. I could get C’s without trying, so why bother? The only thing that kept me out of gangs was running track. The track coach left and went to a private school where there weren’t any kids like us.”

The story doesn’t end there. Just when I needed my life to change, it changed forever. I could have ended up on the ‘dark’ side. I could have dropped out of school. I could have done a lot of things. But then Doc came along.

Then Doc came into my life.

Who is your favorite character in this most recently published book?

I would have to say it’s a tie between Evan and Coop. I just really like the person Evan is, his character and the things he stands for. Coop was fun to write because he is a combination of my oldest son and some of my former students.

Questions for my main character:

Name: Dr. Evan Jones

Male/female: Male

Age: 48

Where were you born? Annapolis, MD

What’s your favorite color? Blue

Are you married? If so, spouse’s name:Yes. My wife is Casey Lansing-Jones.

Do you have children? How many? Yes, Three daughters, who are triplets.

Are your parents dead or alive? Both dead and that plays into the story.

Who is your best friend? Ross O’Brien

Who is your worst enemy? I don’t know if I have a ‘worst enemy’ but DeShaun Wlliams’ actions toward me changed my life forever.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Strawberry

What do you fear most? Confronting the past.

Now back to you. A few quick questions:

Favorite color: Burgundy

Favorite movie: Phantom of The Opera

Favorite song: Music of The Night

Favorite musical artist: I don’t know if I have one now. When  was younger it was Donny Osmond. I listen to a lot of musical sound tracks and Cole Porter (much to the chagrin of my husband and sons).

Biggest dream you hope to accomplish before kicking the bucket: Be able to call writing my only job.

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3 thoughts on “Author Interview: Lynn Murphy

  1. Lynn, thank you for agreeing to an interview. I watched a lot of Donny and Marie when I was younger. We were a music family, so the Osmonds, HeeHaw, Donny Vinton, Tommy Hunter and every other musical show that aired were faithfully watched.


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