Help me choose the cover of my romance novel

Pockets of Wildflowers - Diane Lynn McGyverMy first romance novel is less than a month away from publication. Final edits, cover blurbs, front and back matter and other material remain incomplete, as does the cover. I’ve played around with a few ideas since I began writing the story, but haven’t settled on anything concrete.

To be honest, I often think of several covers, then have a difficult time choosing the one which bests suits the story, and one that will grab the reader’s attention and entice them to read.

Pockets of Wildflowers is about Olivia Luttlegrove. She lives alone on a farm in rural Nova Scotia. Her 300-acre spread is mostly forest with several dozen acres of hay, corn field and pasture. She raises Cotswold sheep for wool, Toggenburg goats for her personal milk consumption, chickens and a few cats. The excess milk is turned into yoghurt, cheese and butter, which she sells to neighbours.

Olivia’s father was killed in a freak accident at a nearby dairy farm, and her mother died six months before the accident, leaving her alone.

One stormy night in early May, a stranger arrives at her door. He’s beaten, drunk and burning up with fever. With the power out and no way to get him to Emergency, Olivia tends to the man until morning comes. She then offers John a job as a farmhand; he accepts.

The months that follow bring romance, mystery and murder as Olivia tries to learn where this stranger came from and why he came to Scarinish .

What do you think? Which grabs your attention. Which book would you want to read? Do you like one font over another? One picture but another font?

Pockets of Wildflowers - Diane Lynn McGyver
Number 01
Pockets of Wildflowers - Diane Lynn McGyver
Number 02
Pockets of Wildflowers - Diane Lynn McGyver
Number 03
Pockets of Wildflowers - Diane Lynn McGyver
Number 04
Pockets of Wildflowers - Diane Lynn McGyver
Number 05
Pockets of Wildflowers - Diane Lynn McGyver
Number 06
Pockets of Wildflowers - Diane Lynn McGyver
Number 07

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24 thoughts on “Help me choose the cover of my romance novel

  1. Making choices like this are difficult for me but I think #2 may float to the surface. I don’t care much for #’s 3, 6, and 7; #1 is not plural enough to go with the title; I don’t see any difference between #’s 4 and 5, but they’re overstated – in my opinion.


    • Thanks, Lynn. It is difficult to decide. I’m going to print the top two or three and post them in the kitchen, so I can see them for about two weeks before I make the decision.


  2. I liked number 2 and number 6 the best. I didn’t really like the curlz font. It’s not serious enough for me. I liked the way your name is in the banner on number 6. On number 2, I think if you moved your name below the title then the picture would be framed better.


    • The wonderful ability with PowerPoint is that I can easily switch things up to see what a different set up would look like. I’ll try your suggestion with number 2. Thanks, Cassandra.


  3. I keep scrolling back to #1; I find it the most eye-catching and it would make me pick it up in a book store to check out the back blurb. It’s enchanting and engaging, but I agree with Genevieve about the title font matching your name.


    • Thanks, Libby. I’ve always loved the look of daisies in water.

      As for the name and title being the same font: I don’t often see that. I could create a cover with that to see what it looked like, but I think the title stands out when it’s a different font.


  4. I like number 2, but I don’t like your fonts. They look way too whimsical for your story’s content—unless you’re going for humour. Definitely not that cute font in # 4,5,7. And I’d match your name to the title, font-wise.


    • This is a quick, light romance read. The murder mystery is the backdrop for the romance, so it’s not a dark story. Whimsical is good. It’s not meant to be silly or a comedy, but light with a wee bit of danger.

      Thanks for your comments, Genevieve.


  5. Hi Diane, I really like 1, 2 and 6 as well. I think number 2 would be my favorite if the color of the font for the title was a bit brighter so that it stood out. Number one is vibrant but I like seeing a building on the cover.


  6. My favorite is #1. The flower has a very strong presence and the text surprinted over the flower doesn’t intrude in a manner that makes it difficult to see or make it unappealing.

    There’s something about #2 which has to do with the text interacting with the title I’m not crazy about.

    #6 I feel has strong potential but the text surprinted on the building is problematic, maybe because I want to see the building. If there’s more grass below, try shifting the puncture upwards so you can see the building more clearly.


    • Number 1 is the first one I created. I put a few daisies in a puddle and took several pictures. It made for a strong, dramatic image. The benefit to this particular one is it’s easily read and noticed in thumbnail size, which is what’s mostly visible on the Internet.

      There is more grass in the original image of #6, so I’ll experiment with your suggestion.

      Thank you for your comments.


    • Number 2 was the third cover I created. I love the board and batton siding on the barn. The wildflowers and the reflection of the cloudy sky in the window definitely add to it. I have to admit, it’s been my favourite, and I’ve used similar designs on my Facebook page and as buttons on my blog.

      Thank you, Darlene.


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