Nova Scotia author, Steve Vernon, is interviewed on Speculatinng Canada: Canadian Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy.

Speculating Canada: Canadian Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy

An Interview with Steve Vernon About Himself and His Recent Novella Sudden Death Overtime

By Derek Newman-Stille

It is always a great opportunity to be able to do an interview of an author about a specific work and I want to thank Mr. Vernon for allowing me to interview him and for giving the readers some insights into himself and into his recent novella Sudden Death Overtime. Steve Vernon is a Nova Scotia author/ mythographer who writes everything from the supernatural, young adult fiction, to myths of Canada’s East Coast. His sense of humour carries through even into the interview process and he was a delight to chat with.

Spec Can:First, can you give us a quick description of yourself?

Steve Vernon: Well – if there are any wrestling fans out there I look a little like Mick Foley – also known as Mankind, Brother Love and Cactus…

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