Author Interview: Cassandra Giovanni

Cassandra GiovanniName: Cassandra Giovanni

Do you write with a pen name? If so, what is it?


In which country were you born, and which one do you live in now?

USA, born and raised

Which genres do you write in?

Young Adult with sub-genres of dystopian, thriller/suspense, paranormal, historical and fantasy

How many books have you had published? (feel free to name a few of the most recent)

One, In Between Seasons, which is YA dystopian

In Between Seasons (The Fall Book 1) by [Giovanni, Cassandra]
Click to learn more. (Amazon Link)
What is the title of the first novel you had published?

In Between Seasons

What is the title of your most current published novel?

In Between Seasons

What is the working title of the next book you plan to publish?

Walking in the Shadows

Do you read hard cover, paper books, ebooks or audio? Or a mixture?

Paperbacks mostly, but I do buy the occasional e-book if I just can’t wait to get it in my hands.

If you could be a character from a book, who would you choose?

Emma from Jane Austen’s Emma.

Walking in the Shadows by [Giovanni, Cassandra]
Click to learn more. (Amazon Link)
What is the first 300 words in your latest novel (ending with a period)?

At eighteen there was one thing I was certain of—the world was at constant war. The reason why—I didn’t know, I wasn’t allowed to know. I asked too many questions, but all I wanted to know was the truth. The only problem was that the truth was so far gone not even the ones that created the ocean of lies I was drowning in knew its depths.

“What are you thinking about?” My sister Sara asked twirling a piece of her hair between her fingers.

“Nothing,” I said as I pulled at the strands of grass beneath me.

“Really, because that’s the look you get when you’re about to fight with Dad during school. I’m so glad we’re finally done with that.”

“You didn’t enjoy school?”

“I liked the parts that you weren’t fighting with Dad about.” Sara said her eyes meeting mine before looking up at the sky and shaking her head.

“I only fought with him on history and some English.” I said.

“Never math or science though.” She said shaking her head. “Every other point though, you fought on.”

“You have to admit that most of the things they tell us don’t really connect up after a certain point.” I said lying back and taking a deep breath.

“Maybe they’re trying to protect us by being purposely vague about what happened to get us here?” Sara suggested, and I could hear it in her voice that she believed everything they had ever said.

“Or maybe they’re protecting themselves.” I said under my breath.

“What was that?”

“I just wish I knew more.”

Sara sat up and looked down at me. “Do you think anything good could have happened to get us from a civilized place with telephones, cable and malls to this—the middle of nowhere?”

Who is your favourite character in this most recently book?

Hunter Marks

The questions from a to l are for your main character in your most recently published novel:

a) Name: Kate Ericson

b) Male or Female: Female

c) Age: 18

d) Where were you born? Not really sure, somewhere in CT, USA before the government collapsed.

e) What is your favourite colour? Purple

f) Are you married? If so, what is your spouse’s name? Not married…in love though

g) Do you have children? How many? No children

h) Are your parents dead or alive? Alive and kicking (fiercely)

i) Who is your best friend? Hunter, but if things were different it would be a toss up between Hunter and Mara

j) Who is your worst enemy? My sister, Sara

k) What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? Coffee

l) What do you fear the most? That something is coming to get me, and I don’t know what it is or when, and that when it comes I won’t be able to save Hunter and myself from it.

Now, back to you. A few quick questions:

Favourite colour: Pink!

Favourite movie: Emma

Favourite song: This changes almost monthly–right now its: Notes in Constellations by Chiodos

Favourite musical artist: Sting

Favourite ice cream flavour: Strawberry

Biggest dream you hope to accomplish before kicking the bucket: Have at least one of my novels made into a blockbuster movie

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