Author Interview: Rebecca Phillips

Rebecca PhillipsName: Rebecca Phillips

Do you write with a pen name? If so, what is it? No

In which country were you born, and which one do you live now?

Born in Nova Scotia, Canada and I’m still here.

Which genres do you write in?

Contemporary YA fiction

How many books have you had published? (feel free to name a few of the most recent)

So far, two. Just You and Someone Else

Which was your first published novel?Rebecca Phillips - Just You

Just You

Which is your most current published novel?

Just You and its sequel, Someone Else, were published at the same time.

What’s the working title of the next book you plan to publish?

My third novel, Out of Nowhere, is out on submission with my agent.

Do you read hard cover, paper books, ebooks or audio? Or a mixture?

Everything but audio.

If you could be a character from a book (not one you’ve written), which would you choose?

Claire in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Who wouldn’t want to time-travel back to the 18th century and fall in love with a hunky Scot?

What is the first 300 words in you latest novel (ending with a period)?

When Ashley called me that Sunday evening three weeks after school started to give me the news, I probably should have been angry, or at least surprised. But all I felt, really, was tired.

“Oh,” I said flatly.

“Oh?” Her screech reminded me of the sound our neighbor’s old Corvette made every morning at 5 a.m., when he hit the gas a little too hard in his rush to make it to work on time. “I tell you your boyfriend was seen with his tongue down Kara Neilson’s throat and all you can say is ‘Oh’?”

“What would you like me to say, Ash?”

“Taylor,” she said in the tone she used whenever I was being unreasonable. Which, according to her, was way too often these days. “This isn’t just another silly rumor, if that’s what you’re thinking. I have it on good authority. Heather does not lie. She and Lindsay both saw them kissing on the library steps this afternoon. In front of the whole street. I mean, he obviously wanted you to find out.”

I wasn’t sure what she expected from me. Ashley was my oldest friend—we went way back to preschool—and she knew what made me tick, knew my various idiosyncrasies and accepted them as such. But my indifference to this monumental piece of information obviously had her stumped.

“Kara has always been after him,” I reminded her.

“Well, yeah,” Ashley said, as if this were the most obvious thing in the world. Which it was, I guess. Everyone knew Kara liked Brian. Especially Brian. “And now she finally caught him, and you don’t even seem to care. How can you, of all people, be so calm about your boyfriend cheating on you?”

Who is your favourite character in this most recently book? Michael

The questions from a to l are for your main character in your most recently published novel:

a) Name: Taylor Brogan

b) Male or Female: Female

c) Age: 16

d) Where were they born? Oakfield

e) What is their favourite colour? Red

f) Are they married? If so, what is their spouse’s name? No

g) Do they have children? How many? No

h) Are their parents dead or alive? Alive

i) Who is their best friend? Robin

j) Who is their worst enemy? Elena Brewster

k) What is their favourite flavour of ice cream? Chocolate

l) What do they fear the most? Being cheated on

Now, back to you. A few quick questions:

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Favourite song: That’s like asking me for my favorite book. Too many to mention.

Favourite musical artist: Adele

Favourite ice cream flavour: Blueberry

Biggest dream you hope to accomplish before kicking the bucket: Virtually every writer’s dream—get published and appear on the NYT Bestseller list.

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  1. Greetings from Los angeles! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to browse your website on my iphone during lunch break. I really like the knowledge you present here and can’t wait to
    take a look when I get home. I’m surprised at how quick your blog loaded on my mobile .. I’m not even using
    WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, wonderful site!


    • Welcome, Lily, and thanks for visiting.

      I deliberately keep my blog small because I realise not everyone has a high-speed connection. I lived with dial-up for 12 years, getting high-speed in October, so I understand the frustrations of huge sites. They take forever to download and many don’t download correctly, leaving the visitor thinking the site looks horrible.

      When I got high-speed, a few of the regular sites I visited transformed instantly. I hadn’t known what they really looked like until then. I don’t think many realise the way their site looks from the perspective of a slow dial-up connection.


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