A Picture of My Wild Ass

Diane Lynn McGyverI’ve been missing in action a wee bit the past two weeks, but I do have a few good excuses.

1) It was the last two weeks of summer vacation for my kids before school began, and I wanted to spend more time outside with them.

2) I’ve been busy editing a few things which won out over social networking.

3) We’re starting to get ready for winter in little ways. It’s better to do little ways when you live on a farm than run around like the headless chicken bumping into things because you have so many things to do in a big way.

4) I’ve been baking more because of the kids, because I love fudge, because I have extra eggs and because…because I love fudge. Oh, and because I’m working on recipes for a cook book.

5) We’ve been doing school shopping and preparing things for the big day.

Regular work hours return Monday September 10th.

Oh yeah, that picture of my wild ass. Here she is. Her name is Mayzie. She’s a two-year-old miniature donkey. I captured this photo early one morning last week when the cool temperatures had the croft concealed in a forest of fog.

Diane Lynn McGyver

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6 thoughts on “A Picture of My Wild Ass

  1. I love mini donkeys!!! I live where EVERY one has either sheep, donkeys, ponies or horses. The mini donkeys love it when we walk our little Jack Russell. Glad to have you back!


    • I’m surrounded by cows, goats and horses. We have sheep (Cotswold), goats (Toggenburgs), 1 horse, 1 miniature donkey, chickens and ten ducks…oh, and one barn cat. My kids really enjoy the animals, and we learn a lot from them.

      Thanks, Cassandra.


  2. Happy to have your wild ass back with us. (He is cute) I will be away from action for the next two weeks. (when you no longer have kids in school, you can take your holidays in September)


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