Snappy Saturday #08

Snappy Saturday - Diane Lynn TibertEach Saturday, I’ll post a free image for anyone to use on their website, blog, book cover, trailer…whatever. It is non-exclusive, and everyone can use it freely. All I ask is that you link back to my website if you use it on the Internet, giving me (Diane Lynn Tibert at credit.

You are welcome to leave a link to the page on your website where you used the image in the comment section below.

I’ll gather free images on their own page, so they’ll be easy to find.

Today’s free image is of the biggest mushroom I found so far in my yard this year. It’s about eight inches across. I first noticed it just after dark while walking through the garden. I saw a bright, round yellow object as if the moon had fallen from the sky and landed in the grass beneath the rose bush. When I realised what it was, I knew I had to capture its image the next day; mushrooms appear out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly. Because of the unusual number of mushrooms growing in my yard this year, I have dubbed it ‘The Year of the Mushroom”.

Images can be manipulated in any way necessary. The image above is the free image worked through PowerPoint. Let your imagination bloom to transform the free image to your unique image.

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Click the image to see a larger view. To save the larger image to your hard drive, right click, and chose save image as.

Snappy Saturday - Diane Lynn Tibert

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2 thoughts on “Snappy Saturday #08

  1. There are a lot of mushrooms around this year; we keep having to pick them from the horse’s turn-out. Great image, Diane. I love the way the gills are glowing with the light behind it. 🙂


    • Driving through Lantz today I saw a yard with about twenty large mushrooms in the front yard. Wow! They are everywhere.

      Thanks, Libby. I liked the way the sun shined through gills, too.


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