Destiny Governed their Lives at Goodreads

Destin Governed their LivesGoodreads is for readers. It’s a place to check out favourite books and favourite authors. Readers form groups and discuss their likes and dislikes, they share information and write reviews. They can also become fans of their favourite authors and set up virtual bookshelves where they store their books they’ve read, books they’re reading and books they wish to read.

Goodreads is for writers. It’s a place they can create a virtual library of their books so fans can easily find them. They can add information about characters, plots and settings, and they can post favourite quotes from their stories. Writers can promote new books by hosting giveaways of paperbacks.

Goodreads also provides writers with the ability to upload novels and short stories for readers to enjoy for free.

I recently uploaded Destiny Governed their Lives to Goodreads. It’s a short story starring Catriona Wheatcroft, the sorceress in Shadows in the Stone fantasy novel. When the novel begins, she’s twenty-eight years old, but in the short story, she’s only seventeen.

Catriona is young, impulsive and believes she knows everything. Mmm, sounds a little like me when I was seventeen. I wasn’t, however, an apprentice studying with a sorceress who practised powerful spells. I also didn’t live in Maskil with the constant threat of an evil wizard creating terror on the streets. If I had, I might have done the unthinkable, too.

Catriona’s family who appear in Destiny Governed their Lives are:

Mother: Kathleen: human, age about 45

Father: Emerson: human, age about 49

Brother #1: Rod: human, age 15

Brother #2: Jimmy: human, age 14

Shadows in the Stone characters making a cameo in the short story are:

Maisie Darrow: dwarf, owner and operator of Forest Bakery and Herbs Shop

Bronwyn Darrow: dwarf, Maisie’s son, regular soldier of the Lord’s Army, age about 23

Destiny Governed their Lives is 5,629 words long. It’s available for free at Goodreads (in PDF), Chapters Indigo (Kobo) and Smashwords

To download the book at Goodreads, click the READ BOOK tab below the book image. The short story can be read online or downloaded to a computer.


Catriona Wheatcroft is a young, ambitious girl living in Maskil. Although she’s been told she’s not ready to cast complicated spells, she’s determined to get her hands on a magical scroll. When the perfect opportunity arrives, Catriona grabs it. Will she succeed and prove everyone wrong, or will she take on more magic than she can control and bring tragedy to her life?

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