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5x5duckinbucketlunes marzo 11, 2013

This blog—Diane Tibert, dreamer—doesn’t get updated as much as it used to. That doesn’t mean I’m not working behind the scenes, writing posts, reading, writing fiction and nonfiction or doing other things. It simply means this blog doesn’t get the attention it usually received, back when I was writing the marathon.

There was a time when I’d post two or three times a week to this blog, twice to my Roots to the Past blog and once each to Diane Lynn McGyver and Moon Meadow (the blog about my homestead).

Now I’m lucky if I get one post written for one of the four blogs a week. If I get two, well, it must have been cold, raining or a snow storm to keep me trapped inside.

What I’ve decided to do, to keep this blog more active, is to add updates from my other blogs. This is a great way to share other writing projects I’m working on and to share my journey in becoming more self-sufficient.

For Example

To learn about a small project I’m working on for 2014, visit 100th Anniversary of the Great War (First World War) on my Roots to the Past genealogy blog. It contains information about the research, as well as the names of those veterans who will be included in the book.


To learn about my favourite mug, visit Diane Lynn McGyver’s blog and read “My tea mug comes from Newfoundland” . Mmm, I love my tea.


However, what keeps me the most busy this week is something not so writing related: a pregnant goat. Our Toggenburg doe, Spirit of the Valley, is due anytime. We are on what others call ‘kid watch’. We bought our first pair of breeding goats in the summer of 2011. We waited until they were a year and a half old before breeding them. Two weeks after the doe gives birth, we can start milking her for ourselves. The kid still drinks, but we get the excess.

You can read about goat breeding, sheep raising, gardening, healthy foods and self-sufficiency on my Moon Meadow Homestead. The current post is about waiting for the kid to be born: Anytime now…we’ll have a new kid on the block .

Sustainability Eggs

2 thoughts on “My Other Venues…er interests

  1. I’m amazed that you have so many blogs, Diane. I have two , but hardly ever update my Dalhousie blog. (Maybe once a month.) As you know I’ve been stepping back a bit from blogging for a time. Hoping once the nice weather comes I’ll feel more like blogging.

    I’m sure your new kid has arrived by this time.I hope all went well. Congrats.


    • I don’t know how I ended up with so many blogs. I guess it’s because I have so many interests. It’s always a problem when you love many things. People who love one thing can dedicate time and energy and money to it. Me, I jump from one thing to another. I love being outside, but I can’t write out there when I’m digging in the garden. I can’t train my donkey when I’m here at the computer. I need to find that happy balance.

      Mmm, when the nice weather comes, I might feel like blogging but I’ll be busy outside enjoying the sun and dirt.

      We have two new additions to the farm: a buckling and lamb (ewe). They are growing very fast.


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