My Maritime Homesteader Journal

2013 04 Cover for BlogAs many might know, I’m a garden fanatic. I’ve been gardening for decades, and my favourite job of all time was working at a large garden centre. If I ever get the chance to work in a place like that again or in a green house, I’ll skip all the way there.

I also enjoy history, genealogy, books, raising animals to generate my own food, baking, cooking, the outdoors and being self-sufficient.

With all these interests, there’s no surprise I need an outlet for it…so Maritime Homesteader Journal was born. The inspiration to create the mini magazine comes from the many searches I’ve done over the years to find information. Many times it was easy to find, but other times, it was like looking for that proverbial needle in the hay stack. Knowing hay like I do, I understand the comparison.

What new garden techniques are out there? Do I need full sun to grow tomatoes? How do I trim a goat’s hooves? When should sheep be sheared? Can I make my own yeast? Is there a simple recipe for making bread? Instead of using page wire, is there something better I can use for fencing?Thistle in the sun

All these questions and more have played around in my head, and I’m certain many others who strive to be self-sufficient and self-sustainable had them too. If I can help them find the answers easier, then we all benefit. Writing Maritime Homesteader Journal allows me to share what I’ve learned, and hopefully, readers will have their own stories to share.

The first issue of Maritime Homesteader Journal is available on-line in PDF. It will also be found soon in paper format in several locations around Central Nova Scotia. You can read all about my new adventure here . The website is still a work in progress, so please excuse the lack of information.

4 thoughts on “My Maritime Homesteader Journal

  1. Congratulations on yet another venture. I’m sure it will be very popular. Is it geared for east coast readers? My daughter, living on a small west coast island, strives to be self-sufficient.


    • Thanks, Darlene. I’ve always wanted to do something like this, so it’s a great way to get myself back into writing. Well, it is geared towards Nova Scotia because the ads are for businesses here as well as the events and club news. But some articles are universal. I’m just learning about permaculture, so as I learn, I’ll share my experience. And the recipe section is also for everyone. So I guess it’s a mixture of Easat Coast and the world. Thanks for dropping by.


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