Witches are Great People

Witches5x5Long before modern science took over medicine there were brave, knowledgeable women who healed with herbs, oils, honey and many other natural substances. In many villages they were honoured for their wisdom and respected for their ability to heal.

Then came the bad guys. Men who felt threaten by these ‘magical’ women. They began to discredit them. They slowly turned the good names of healers and green witches and everything associated with them into a wicked force.

The bad men continued their crusade to flush out the wise women in the villages and hold them up as examples of evil. The witch hunts killed many wise, knowledgeable innocent women.

Fortunately many escaped and lived on in hobbles, caves and forests. They passed on their wisdom to their daughters who continue their work to this day. These witches are still trying to clear their name in this modern world. But it is a slow process.

A few years ago I read in the newspaper about a witch being run out of her home in Nova Scotia. The bad men did such a good job of instilling fear of witches into the population that witches are still not safe.

Hollywood can be blamed for keeping up the crusade as they paint one witch after another with the same black paint. But there are a few gems—Bed Knobs and Broomsticks and Bewitched—but the bad witches heavily outweigh the good witches.

And then there are comments made that ignite negative energy to witches around the world, and foolishly, I fell for it. So I’m here to apologise for feeding the fires against witches. It was so wrong in many ways. It only added to the material in the world that viewed witches in a negative light. I never meant to do that. I respect the witches of the world and their healing powers and their relationship with nature.

When modern things fall away and humans once again walk with Mother Nature, it will be the green witch who will gather the herbs that will heal Earth.

There are several good books written by green witches. I have several by Susun Weed (http://www.susunweed.com/welcome.htm), including Breast Cancer? Breast Health!, Healing Wise and Childbearing Years. Her website is full of great ideas and great recipes. Check it out.

Witches are not to be confused with bitches who are not good people.


4 thoughts on “Witches are Great People

  1. Great post! as a green witch, I enjoyed it. I’m finding myself worried about what will happen when my kids eventually go to elementary and are told at Hallowe’en that witches are evil and scary…


    • Certainly it’s a battle. Kids learn all sorts of things at school we don’t want them to. The best thing we can do is provide a good example at home.

      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.


  2. I always find it interesting that women were the observant, pragmatic ones devoting their lives to healing while they guys huddled in their dark towers, squinting at the stars and writing astrology charts. 🙂


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