Writing Resources 27 July 2013

Gene Lempp ~ Writer

Writing Resources 07272013Here you will find a selection of the best of the blogsphere from the past week. Grab your coffee, straighten the glasses or spritz those contacts and above all – enjoy.


I found an awesome (and new to me) author/blogger/coach/yoga master this week named Jenny Blake who is a real ray of sunshine–meaning, must share! Her Toolkit page is crammed full of carefully chosen time and frustration savers–her blog, full of calming inspiration. Oh, did I mention she was a staff coach at Google before striking out on her own? I hope you’ll swing over and give her a look. Thanks. *smile*

Steve Martin on Slow Success

Jenny Blake’s “Business Ninja Tech Toolkit”

Inform & Inspire

Dean Wesley Smith: The New World of Publishing: Having Fun. Excerpt: “In 1982, I decided to follow Heinlein’s Rules because, to be honest, they sounded like fun. And I decided that…

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