Speaking up for Introverts!

Stephen Liddell

The world is split into two types of people, me and everyone else.  More helpful than that, it is divided between Introverts and Extroverts.  The world is ruled and dominated by extroverts, perhaps because introverts don’t want to speak up.  Introverts make up roughly a third of the general population but are often overlooked or worse still looked down on as being a bit miserable or unsocial.

As an introvert I can say this is entirely untrue and there are a great deal misconceptions dished out to us more quiet folk.  To a degree what makes extroverts happy, isn’t what makes introverts happy.  Extroverts respond and enjoy external stimulation whilst introverts are more self reliant and self-reflective.  That doesn’t mean that introverts aren’t happy or indeed don’t like meeting people but they do often like their own company.

One of the basics that most on both sides of the divide…

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