Busy End of Summer

The next two weeks are extremely busy for me, as was the past two weeks. I’m falling behind and messages are piling up. If you’ve sent me a message and I haven’t responded, it doesn’t mean I won’t. It will just take time.

This week I’ll be out of the office more than in because of exhibitions and goat shows.

Enjoy the last two weeks of August. I’ll have more time to spend with you after all the business of school opening again in September.

Until then I’ve scheduled a short post (poem, quote, favourite music video) to keep the blog running.


One thought on “Busy End of Summer

  1. Summer is such a busy time, especially for those of us living in the country. I’m sometimes a bit envious of my retired friend who spend the summer camping and relaxing. Ah well, maybe one day. 🙂


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