Halifax County Exhibition

From Tuesday August 13th to Saturday August 17th, my life was spent at the Halifax County Exhibition in Middle Musquodoboit. Here are a few pictures of what I took in during those days. If you’ve never been to this exhibition and you live within an hour’s drive, make plans for next year. There’s lots to see and do, including a rodeo, truck pull, oxen pull, flower show, art show, light horse riding, 4-H displays and shows, carts, draft horses, dairy display and much more.

Halifax County Ex 02Halifax County Ex 03Halifax County Ex 08Halifax County Ex 13Halifax County Ex 15Halifax County Ex 16Halifax County Ex 17Halifax County Ex 18Halifax County Ex 19Halifax County Ex 21Halifax County Ex 22Halifax County Ex 23

6 thoughts on “Halifax County Exhibition

    • It was a good time. I’ve enjoyed many exhibitions over the years. The provincial ex starts tomorrow in Truro with 4-H Day. The open goat show takes place on Wednesday. The woman we call the Fudge Lady is at this ex, so we’ll be enjoying wonderful fudge I can’t buy anywhere else.


      • I thought so. I am featuring Percheron horses in my next book, Amanda in Alberta. This summer I visited a ranch near Clagary where these horses have been bred for over 100 years. They are marvelous horses.


        • Wow. 100 years. They must really know their stuff. There’s always several teams of Percherons at the exhibitions I attend. Apparently, they–along with Clydesdales–are gentle giants. I’m always amazed to see these large horses ridden under saddle. My daughter rode a cross of two large breeds (names escape me at the moment) for more than a year. That mare could move quickly. It carried her 110 pound body as if a feather. Yet it was one of the gentlest horses in the barn.


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