JtFR: Demystifying Publishing Industry in the Chronicle Herald

An article appeared in the Opinion section of the Chronicle Herald yesterday (August 21, 2013) called Demystifying Publishing Industry. It was written by Terrilee Bulgar and discusses the publishing industry in Atlantic Canada.

It begins:

Members of the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association (APMA) would like to clarify misperceptions that might arise from a recent news story about a Nova Scotia company named Bryler Publications (“Writers’ Cramp: Chester publisher says relationship with a major bookseller has driven her into bankruptcy,” July 15).

On behalf of the 28 members of the APMA, I am responding to the article above out of concern for a number of statements attributed to Bryler founder Cynthia McMurray, and in the interest of informing writers and consumers that the situation she described is not entirely accurate.

The (failed) business model pursued by Cynthia McMurray and Bryler Publications is not “publishing” per se, but a form of self-publishing, wherein authors pay to have their books packed, printed, and in some cases, made available in the supply chain, which links them to conventional and online bookstores.

…the rest of the article can be read here: Demystifying Publishing Industry.

Because this is Just the Facts Reporting, no comments will be approved for this post. I appreciate the comments, however, I am being held responsible for them. The harsh comments in previous posts have led to legal action against me, so to prevent further trouble, all JtFR will remain just that with no comments. Thank you for understanding.

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