My Most Popular Post

popular5x5One wonderful feature of WordPress is the ability to see which blog post is the most popular. In other words, gets the most views. After two and a half years of blogging, there’s one post that stands mountains above the rest. In fact every day I get several visitors searching out this particular post.

The most popular post of all time is no surprise to me. People hate to part with money and this post is all about money; or should I say saving it.

The most popular post is Canadians Stop Paying 30% to the IRS.

Writers who self-publish and sell their books and eBooks through Smashwords, Amazon (Kindle), CreateSpace and other companies located in the United States want to know about getting the EIN to prevent the IRS from withholding 30% of their royalties.

This is also true for writers who are published through companies in the United States. I know of one case where a Nova Scotia author either had to get an EIN (or a US tax number) or forfeit 30% of their income because a small publisher accepted and published their book.

Another important post for self-published authors is Getting the Numbers: ISBN & CIP.

Both of these posts were written for the do-it-yourselfer. I hope they’ve helped many people.

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