Resources to Self-publish: Editing

I_love_my_jobOver the past two and a half years, I’ve written a lot of posts about self-publishing and my experience with the publishing business. I’ve discussed things such as editing, ISNB, EIN, CIP, cover design, illustrations and eBooks. New visitors to this blog might not know this or visitors who’ve only recently discovered me may not know how to find all this information.

One method is to enter a search term in the search box in the right margin. For example, entering the word ‘editing’ into the search engine brings up a list of posts. Some do not necessarily deal with editing. The word, however, is used in the post.

So I’ve decided to make it simpler. I’ve gone through all my old posts and gathered the ones that help writers who are looking at the road to self-publishing. These posts should give you some idea how difficult—and how easy—it is to self-publish.

Here are the posts to help in the editing process:

Whether you plan to self-publish or submit your manuscript to a publisher, you’ll need to do a lot of self-editing first.

…I’ll list more relevant posts to self-publishing in the coming days.

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