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DianeTibertSelfPublishingConsultantMy self-publishing journey was like many others. Although I’ve been published thousands of time in magazines and newspapers, I have never had an acceptance letter from a traditional publisher (except when I was 18 and the publishing company folded before my story actually went to print). I’ve had many great comments from editors that made me believe I was very close, but in the end, close didn’t count. I’ve spent years waiting and hundreds of dollars on paper, ink, envelopes and postage trying to convince an editor to accept my fiction.

I was waiting for someone else to say my stories were good enough for others to read.

Eventually I gave up waiting and learned how to do it myself in 2010. There was a lot of information for self-publishing writers three years ago, but there’s a whole lot more now. And there are many more people/companies who are lined up to take my money to help my dream of publishing come true.

Unfortunately weaving my way through the publishing field I’ve experienced unexpected turns and dangers. I became overly cautious and questioned many thing. When in doubt I asked other writers, both traditionally and untraditionally published. I sought out blogs that talked about how to do it myself. It was a long journey but after months of learning I finally published my first book: Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove under the pen name Candy McMudd.

Getting my first book published inspired me to do another, and since then I have published two full-length adult novels and four short stories for myself and one book by another author. This fall I’m releasing a collection of short stories and two full-length novels (one by another wonderful writer). Next year, I’ll expand my company (Quarter Castle Publishing) and bring to life more titles written by other writers and me.

On this amazing publishing journey I keep learning, seeking out what works best for me.

I’ve made mistakes. I admit that, but I feel I’ve learned from them. I know now what to do differently so I won’t be caught in the same conundrum. Along the way I’ve also helped other aspiring writers with questions about self-publishing. In any given week I might be helping three writers get their work out to the public.

What I’ve also discovered is that there are many writers who—like I was in 2010—are looking for the right way, the safest way, to self-publish their books. To help I’ve written many informative articles and posted them to this blog. Over the past week or so I’ve blogged about several of them to bring them to the attention of new visitors. Learning how to get an EIN, ISBN and CIP are just a few. But I can’t blog about everything and I can’t answer everyone’s questions though I try.

To help writers who need more guidance I’m offering my time and experience as a self-publishing consultant. Not only will I make your journey less complicated, I’ll help you keep all rights to your creative work. Maintaining copyright is the only way to secure income for the future. A good book doesn’t only pay you back today, but tomorrow and several years afterwards. That’s right, you can still earn royalties from books twenty years from now if you maintain copyright.

When I sat down to calculate the value of my service, I took into consideration the amounts others charge (from a few thousand dollars to $200 an hour), the number of hours I estimated it would take to cover the material offered in my Consultation Package and the available funds of a new writer.

The total for the complete consultation package is $540*.

The time frame to complete the package depends on the writer. I understand some want fast and furious. They should complete the package in about six to eight weeks, depending on the stage of their manuscript. Other writers are slow, meticulous, have other commitments and want to consider the information before acting. Still, for these individuals I believe a book can go from raw manuscript to publication in six months. That’s still a year and a half faster than most traditionally published books.

To learn more about hiring me as your self-publishing consultant, check out this page Self-publishing Consultant .

To see what I offer, check out the Consultation Package .

To learn a few basic facts about self-publishing and publishing in general, check out Self-publishing Facts .

Your book is your investment; invest it wisely.

At this time this service is open to Canadian residences only. This is where I live, so I know the laws and services better than in other countries. Thank you.

*Depending on the demand, this price may rise in the future.

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