Free eBook Download for Kindle

My short story collection Nova Scotia – Life Near Water is enrolled in Kindle Select, and from now until Sunday September 29th (12pm Pacific Time), it is FREE. The regular price is $2.99. Canadian residents can download it here, and those in the United States will find it here. Thank you for your downloads. Everyone counts. The paperback version will be available soon.


13 thoughts on “Free eBook Download for Kindle

  1. Who cares about physical books now since we have electronics books all over the internet and it is easy and free to download. What do you think of this? I like your blog post 🙂


    • I care. I’ve never read an eBook. I’ve tried, but I can’t get through it. I always lose interest after about ten pages. It doesn’t matter how great the book is, eBooks don’t reach me like paper books. I hope paper books never go out of style because then reading will be reserved for the few who can afford a device that costs a hundred dollars or more (and keep upgrading as the years pass). That’s far from free. I also hope libraries never go out of style and keep stocking ‘real’ books because they provide a service to a section of the population that can’t afford computers, reading devices and cell phones (which can be used to read books).

      ‘Real’ books don’t need batteries or plugs. They don’t need special software to use. They can be dropped in water and left out in the snow and still salvaged. They can still be thrown against the wall and picked up by hundreds of people later–young and old–and still read.

      In fifty years time when devices of today won’t be recognizable, many of the authors who ePublished only will disappear in history. Those who published in paper format have a high possibility of living on and of being discovered by new readers in a dusty old attic or yard sales.

      Who cares about physical books? Me, my kids, many of my family and friends who read them. I understand eBooks are becoming very popular but the physical book is just as popular.


      • Personally I think there will always be a place for both – or at least for the foreseeable future. I still prefer paper but since I have little space I have resorted to Kindle. For young kids a ‘real’ book is necessary as they want to flip back and forth for the pictures. Once books become ‘all text’ an e-reader may be a good idea.


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