The Results of the Free Promotion

LifeNearWaterComingSoonOver the weekend I ran a promotion at Amazon for Nova Scotia – Life Near Water. It was only the second time I had enrolled a book in the Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program (KDP). The first time was back in 2011.

This time I watched the numbers as readers freely download the anthology to give me an idea of how things worked. Over the course of the three days, my book went from cricket-chirping land (I had published it only a few days beforehand) to number one in Canada in the free anthology category.

Here are the overall results of books downloaded:

United States: 27

Canada: 17

United Kingdom: 6

Denmark: 2

Japan: 1

Only 53 books were downloaded, but that was enough to drive me to the top position in Canada and 458th place overall across all categories. The highest point in the United States had me sitting at 35th in anthologies (6,169 overall).

So when I say every download mattered, I meant it. It didn’t take a lot of downloads to get me into the top 100, but each time a book ‘sold’, my ranking rose.

This happened easier in the anthology category because there is less competition there than say romance or mystery. Unfortunately some writers have realised this and have labelled their novels as anthologies when they are not. I noticed a few of them in the top 100 list. They were ‘working the system’.

I was too, of course, but I was doing it with a book that did contain several short stories.

I have two more ‘free promotional days’ remaining which I’ll take advantage of in about three weeks. When my 90 days are up, I’m going to put this anthology back into the KDP to see where else it can go.

The purpose behind this is to expose new readers to my writing in the hope they will purchase other books I’ve written. I’ve seen others do this with series. They’ll keep the first book in the program, offer it for free, hoping readers will buy book two and three. It gives readers the opportunity to see if they enjoy the writing style and the story, so it benefits both, the writer and the reader.

A big thank you to everyone who downloaded my book.


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