EINs are Now Available

New FlashI’ve received news that the lines are now open for Canadians to call and get their Employer Identification Number (EIN). When the government in the United States shut down a few weeks ago (as reported in this post), it became impossible for anyone to get through on the telephone lines. For many, this was the only route available, so getting an EIN came to a sudden stop.

If you’ve been trying to get an EIN and have given up because of frustration, give it another try. From the report I received it was business as usual.

If you’re looking for information on EINs or interested in learning how to get one, visit Canadians, Stop Paying 30% to the IRS.

4 thoughts on “EINs are Now Available

  1. Hi Diane; I was wondering if you knew the answer to this. I already have my EIN and I did not have a publishing company name when I did this (which was just stupid…I know). However, I’m in the process of searching my business name through the Joint Stocks and would like to add my company name to my EIN information. My question is…do you know if I have to apply for a new EIN or if I can just add the company name to the EIN I already have. Thanks Mindy

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