CreateSpace has Matte Finish Covers

New FlashI’ve always been a matte girl. Back in the early 1990s when I worked at a processing lab I realised I could choose matte over glossy prints. I was hooked. Fast forward twenty years and I thought I’d be stuck with glossy book covers until I took the leap from CreateSpace to a ‘regular’ book printer. I was wrong.

Last week I received an email from CreateSpace announcing a new print options for covers: Matte.

Here’s what they have on their website: You can choose between custom matte or glossy finish for your print book. Both cover options have their advantages; you might want to purchase a sample of each cover to help you decide. You can choose your cover option during Title Setup, and even when your book is already for sale. Some things to keep in mind when choosing a cover:

  • There is no extra charge for either finish
  • You can change the cover option even on a book that’s already for sale
  • For existing titles, you won’t need to repeat Content Review, and the book will remain available for purchase during the cover finish change
  • Orders placed before the change will still ship with the previous cover option
  • Your change will take effect within 4 hours for Amazon sites, and up to 6 weeks for EDC

Matte covers are less glaring, easier on the eye and are great for novels.

To learn more about this great option and learn how you can choose matte book covers for future and current titles, check out CreateSpace.


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One thought on “CreateSpace has Matte Finish Covers

  1. I’ve noticed that some covers have a combination that includes both matte and glossy. Is that available from CS?


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