Creating Images with Wacom

Castle clouds cropped02 5x5aOver the past few days I’ve been working on a castle. Indoors of course. Along the way I’ve been learning about the features in my new Wacom Inutuos Small Creative Pen and Touch Tablet.

After working with this tool for almost a week, I’m believe it will be well-worth the money I paid for it. It gives me every reason to believe that I will be able to illustrate my children’s picture books with it…after much practice. But I’m okay with that because I love to visually create.

Here is the castle I’ve toyed with during my free time.

Castle clouds cropped02

Just for fun I tried to translate this image into a cover for a book.

Cover01If I ever do decide to create a cover using the Wacom, I’ll have to better plan out the image to accommodate the space. The ability to create images using different layers certainly is a plus. I can easily change the background of this castle while keeping the original. It’s kinda like the old Flintstones show where the background kept repeating itself. But that’s details for another post.

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