Snaps from Today’s Craft Show

The Christmas Festival of Crafts Show in Middle Musquodoboit was very busy today. It was shoulder to shoulder walking between the displays. Dozens and dozens of people stopped at our stand, looked at our books, discussed the books, picked up flyers and business cards and many bought books. In total we sold 30!

Here we are all set up at the start of the day.

Mindy George, Diane Tibert and Jayne Peters.
Mindy George, Diane Tibert and Jayne Peters.

As the day progressed we discovered things we should have done and things we should have brought, like bags for people who bought our books. Early next week I’ll make a list of things I learned from attending this event and share it here. We thought about a lot of things, but there are several things we can do to improve the outcome of the event.

Craft Show Mid Musq 2013 Dec 7 b

Craft Show Mid Musq 2013 Dec 7 c

13 thoughts on “Snaps from Today’s Craft Show

  1. Congrats Diane! Your displays were beautiful! I am not familiar with craft sales and the number of books sold but I would assume it’s a positive experience and for every book sold there will be word of mouth spread! Perhaps there is truth in what many of my author friends have warned, that many more ebooks will be sold compared to paperback? πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Debby. I like creating displays. It must be all those years of retail work kicking in. Yes, this was a very positive experience, and I hope to do it again several times in 2014. I know I’ve given away a lot of eBooks, but I’m not sure eBooks will greatly out-sell paperbacks where I am. It may be that writers aren’t out there at events selling the paperbacks, but do sell eBooks online (or give them away for free). I met a woman at the craft show who sold more than 600 of her paperback books in the past year. She’s been out selling though, at markets and craft sales, and she has her book in a few outlets.

      In the coming years I hope to be out there more often and have books for sale in various locations. I’ll know in about five years which sells better.


      • Well that is interesting, I’ll keep check on you for that. I just keep hearing from so many that most authors will sell 1 paper book to every 100 ebooks, so much controversy. Of course I suppose if you are putting yourself out there physically to get your book out the dividends will always be greater.


  2. Congratulations Diane, Mindy, and Jayne! Your pictures look awesome, the display is great and your smiles only add to the whole picture. Selling 30 books at the craft fair sounds like you did really well.


  3. I believe if there is a craft fair with space available and you have the time … do it! πŸ™‚
    Looks as if you had a positive experience, Diane.
    Here’s the difference in people — I doubt I would have forgotten the bags as I’d be hoping to sell sell sell, and buyers need bags for their purchases. πŸ˜‰ I was always prepared with bags when I did craft sales and yard sales. (unfortunately, more bags than sales! lol)


    • Oh, I was thinking sell, sell, sell, but the bags slipped my mind. I think we remembered about 90% of the things we needed to bring. Bags didn’t dampen the spirits of the customer. At least we remembered the books! lol

      It was certainly a positive experience, Lynn.


  4. Selling 30 books at a Craft Fair is very good. We did a similar thing last weekend and sold 25 books. Bringing bags was something we forgot to do as well. Next time.


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