Twistmas Cover Stalls Edits

I wrote Twistmas – The Season of Love in the fall of 2012 with the intentions of releasing it for Christmas. That Christmas came and went like winter a storm, and the romance novel wasn’t published.

In the new year I promised myself I’d get it done and release it in the fall. Another failed attempt.

Here we are just ten days from Christmas 2013 and still Twistmas sits on my computer, unshared with any readers. So what is wrong? Obviously something is to have created this procrastination on my part.

I feel the story is well-written, engaging and entertaining, so that’s not the problem. I could use time as an excuse but…well, I’ve done other things and avoided editing Twistmas.

Over the past year I’ve created several covers for the novel, but I haven’t been happy with any of them. They didn’t come close to what I imagined it to be. Last week with the edits almost completed, I decided to finalise the cover.

A few cover ideas that didn’t satisfy me:

Twistmas 01

*Twistmas 03*

Oh gosh, what a task to create the perfect cover. I tried picture after picture, text after text, style after style…and nothing. Nothing grabbed me and said, “Yes! This is the one.” When I imagine the cover, I think of many things: Christmas, love, Santa Claus, ornaments, red and, of course, a knight in shining armour (you’ll have to read the story to know why). I also thought of whimsical, humour and fun. Although I had this image, I couldn’t bring all these factors together to make the book cover I wanted.

Another idea…

Twistmas 04

So I procrastinated.

Another cover idea…

Twistmas 05*

Twistmas 06

And I stalled the edits.

Yet another idea…

But this week I pressed on without the cover, and I finally got to the point that it’s almost ready to The story that is…with no cover.

Today, with the wind chill dipping below minus twenty Celsius and the snow piling up, I decided to tackle the problem I call: Finding the Perfect (almost perfect) Cover. After hours of watching the snow fall and contemplating if I should just give up for the day and make chocolate cake, I found something that I believe will work. Finally. I think.

It has a Christmasy feeling, a knight (or partial) and Santa (well, what he wears) and it’s whimsical. What do you think?

Twistmas Summary

Emmie Cooper is hiding in the closet when she overhears her mother Jan tell her aunt the story of why she doesn’t believe in Santa Clause. The ten-year-old then sets out to fix this, and on her journey finds a lot more for her mother than she expected.

Delanie Taylor is a toy expert, divorced and trying to control his teenaged daughter. When he stumbles upon Emmie at the toy store looking for the perfect gift for her mother, he discovers the perfect gift for himself.

Now I have to wait to see if I’m still pleased with this design tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Twistmas Cover Stalls Edits

  1. Hi Diane, Great covers, all. If your book has a “Scream” element to it, I like #4. For just pick it up off a shelf in a book store, I like #5. Sometimes when choosing covers, we let the story get in the way of our choice. Maybe we can discuss this at the January meeting.


    • Thanks for your input, Art. I like number 5 too, but it might be a little too busy for readers to easily read the text. A discussion at the January meeting about choosing titles would be great.


  2. Oh yes I know all about the cover dilemmas :). I do have to say that of all of the ones you have shown I definitely agree with you on the one you have chosen, now having said that, it wouldn’t surprise me if you changed it again, lol.


    • I don’t understand why I’m having issues with this one cover. I’ve probably created 50 covers, but none speak to me except the latest one. I like the concept, but I’m unsure about the copyright on the clothesline. It’s supposed to be public domain, but there’s limitations and I can’t find the list of limitations. So I might have to create my own clothesline of Santa wears.

      Thanks, Debby.


  3. I’m brainstorming covers for a short story I’m currently co-writing, and it’s not easy. I think you did a great job with all these ideas, but I really enjoy your newest one! I hope it sticks. 🙂


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