Free Book Debate

fire campOver the past three years I’ve seen the pendulum swing back and forth. Many say that gifting (or giving away) books helps sales. Others are adamantly against pricing their books for free even for a short time.

I’ve read accounts where free books have increased sales substantially on the free book involved (after the free period) and for other books by the author, particularly those in a series. I’ve also read the other side too: no increase at all, just crickets in the dark night.

Personally, I think sales are influenced by many things, including free offers. But the free offers must coincide with other things, like the time of year, the genre, other books offered by the same author, the alignment of the stars and moon and…many things that are too complicated to list here.

The Mythic Scribes has an interesting post that shares the insight of several authors regarding the benefit (or downside) to free books:

One of the most controversial ways to promote a book is to offer it for free. The theory is that readers will take a chance on a free book by an unknown author, and that this will help the author to get her name “out there.”

Why is this controversial? Well, many authors feel offering one’s book for free devalues it, the author herself and thus all indie authors. It is also debatable whether this strategy actually works in a market already full of what some see as “substandard” books.

To continue reading, check out The Great Book Debate: The Authors.

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