Putting Mail Chimp to Work for Me

Newsletter ButtonOver the past two years, I’ve heard and read that I should start harvesting email addresses to create a list of individuals who would be interested in receiving specific information concerning book launches, releases and events. I was told by several individuals that it is one of the most valuable marketing tools at our disposal.

Still, I put it off. I had plenty of things to keep me busy (blogging, writing, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if a mailing list would be that effective.

After reading David Gaughran’s blog today (which I reblogged earlier today) If you don’t enjoy marketing, you’re doing it wrong, I decided 2014 would be the year I’d take the plunge and give it a try.

So back I went to Mail Chimp, the service many people (including David) recommended. Even Nimbus Publishing uses this service. I had signed up several months ago, but I got lost in the procedure, so quickly dropped it.

This time I was determined to figure it out and create a Sigh Up Form to generate a mailing list. And I did it. This afternoon.

David—and others included—suggested the newsletter that is sent to those on the mailing list should be specific. It should announce and/or inform, but never spam or clog up an in box.

Taking this advice, I’ve decided my newsletter will include the following content only:

  • Information on upcoming books
  • Announcements of new releases
  • Book promotions (free book offers, sales and discounts)
  • Contests and Giveaways
  • Events in which I plan to attend (craft shows, author days, book signings, farmers markets, etc.)

For the next six months I’ll push the sign up form to see what sort of numbers I can build. I plan to publish a newsletter once a month.

I’ll post my results of this marketing idea several times throughout the year.

To sign up to receive my exclusive newsletter once a month, visit Diane Tibert’s Newsletter Sign Up Form and fill in your name and email address. You’ll receive an email asking to confirm your permission to get the newsletter, and that’s it.

PS: I intended to use the special WordPress ap. that was on MailChimp, but after reading the comments about it, I decided to do it my way and avoid any possible issues. I created a button and inserted it as a widget (you’ll see it in the right hand margin), then added the link to it. Clicking that button or going to the Newsletter page and following that link, takes you to the Sign Up Form. Everything else takes care of itself.

Do you have a Mail Chimp account to create mailing lists for newsletters? How is this marketing idea working for you?

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8 thoughts on “Putting Mail Chimp to Work for Me

  1. Okay, I just signed up and confirmed, too. The ‘html’ or ‘text’ I left ticked as preferring html, but I have no idea what it means. I figure as long as I can read what you send, I’ll be happy. Btw, sometimes things we think are a long way off have a way of speeding themselves towards us. My hope for you for this New Year is that this will prove to be the case.


  2. I’d be happy to sign up, but I already receive notice of your latest posts. For some reason, that made me think I’d already signed up. So, in keeping with my usual ‘silly questions’, if I sign up will I be receiving your info twice? More importantly, will I be costing you money? I really enjoy your posts and info even though I don’t always comment. I find your information helpful and I like your writing style.


    • Hello Bea, and thanks for your comment. The newsletter will not contain information that is in my posts here on my blog. The newsletter is new. The first one will go out in early February. Signing up to receive my blog post notices is not the same as this newsletter. The newsletter will arrive in your inbox, but not in the same format as the blog post.

      This is new for me, so the first one might be a little ‘unorganised’. My goal is to create a small, one-page newsletter that shares only the specified information I state in this post: news about upcoming books, book launches, events I plan to attend, etc. A lot of times I write about these in my blog, but not always. The newsletter will bring them all together in one place in a clear, concise format.

      Depending on how the newsletter goes, I may run a contest through it and not on my blog. The newsletter will deliver added information, and those who don’t like to follow blogs, but do want to know when my next book is published might subscribe to the newsletter but not my blog. I hope I’m making sense. when I read it through three times I started to see circles.

      No, this newsletter doesn’t cost me anything until I reach 2,000 subscribers. Obviously I’m no where near that (I have 2 at the moment). And then I can either pay or leave it at 2,000. But that’s a long way in the future.

      Thank you for your kind words, Bea. I’m happy to hear you enjoy my posts.


    • Yvonne, I created a 5×5 image in PowerPoint, saved it as a JPEG and then added the image to the Newsletter page. With the image still up to be formatted in WordPress, I took the link to its location (something that took me months to learn when I first started three years ago). I saved that link in an open file in MS Word. Then I went to the Appearance section on WordPress, clicked Widgets, and added an image widget to the margin. I inserted that saved image link there (in the Image URL space). The link provided by Mail Chimp for the sign up form was placed here too, in the Link URL (when the image is clicked) space. Save this and you’re done.

      On the Newsletter page, I simply added the Mail Chimp sign up form link to the words like I do any other link.

      Some of these things are simply only when you’ve done it once. Sometimes it is one simply thing you are missing. It can be frustrating.


      • lol, you lost me in the first sentence as i don’t have a clue how to uses power point. I think I’ll need someone to help me with that. Thanks, though. Like I said, I’m a computer dummy and at 64 I don’t think that’s going to change. I’ve ;earned a lot but there are limits. 🙂


        • Yvonne, it is never too late. Any image can be used. I just created one in PowerPoint. I imagine you can use any type of photo software to create something. As long as you can save it in JPEG, you can use it. Good luck.


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