Publishing 101: Reviews

Publishing 101During the Draft to Book in 30 Days challenge I’d like to try a few new ideas I’ve seen other writers/publishers implement. One of those ideas is to get quotes for the back cover or an inside page of the book. I’m going to take that a little further and look for reviews before the book is published.

So…I am wondering if anyone is interested in reading Fowl Summer Nights and providing a review I can post on my website.

Above each review will be a short (two to three sentences) biography to introduce the reviewer. The bio can contain one link to a website, blog or Facebook page. If the reviewer is a writer, they can mention a title or two of the book(s) they’ve written. If the writer wishes, they can send along a photograph of themselves to accompany their biography. Images of a book will be permitted in place of the reviewer’s image, but I’d prefer a picture of the person, so I can ‘meet them’.

If a book image is submitted, it cannot contain graphic sexual content. I have an eleven-year-old over my shoulder most days, so I don’t post anything to my website that I don’t want him to see. I have the right to refuse book covers I deem inappropriate for a young audience. An author photo would be more appropriate under these circumstances.

Thanks for understanding. I like to keep my site rated E…for everyone.

Here’s a sample of the biography set up

Diane_Lynn_McGyver-BaWDiane McGyver writes fantasy novels and dabbles in romance, adventure, humour and historical fiction. She rests her head at Milford, Nova Scotia, but dreams of one day returning to the seaside to live out her remaining days searching the ocean for lost pirates, curious hermit crabs and bottles stuffed with scrolls. Diane is the author of Shadows in the Stone and Fowl Summer Nights.

To Reviewers
Fowl Summer Nights is about 20,000 words long. It’s my first attempt at humour. The genre is contemporary. It’s about a retired Canada Post worker whose husband has passed on, and she’s left with an empty nest. Her children tell her to get a hobby, so she does—one that drives her neighbours crazy. The story takes place in a small community on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

The copy I’m sending for review will be in PDF, 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman font, 12 point. It is the pre-editor edited version, so there will probably be a few mistakes lurking in the shadows.

I’m seeking honest reviews, so if you feel there is something wrong with the story please, write that in the review. There is no such thing as a bad review. Okay, there is; reviews that maliciously attack the author are bad reviews. Saying it sucked is a bad review only because it doesn’t tell other readers or the writer anything. Why did it suck? Because the characters weren’t believable and the plot didn’t make sense? Or did it suck because your eReader fell into the toilet and you didn’t get to finish reading the book?

If you’re interested in participating, please send me a message ( with your email address. Reviews will be posted before March 5th.

Thanks. Diane


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