Monthly Roundup of Accomplishments

Monthly Roundup of AccomplishmentsAs I mentioned on the last day of January, at the end of each month I will make a note of everything I’ve accomplished during the previous four weeks. February held only 28 days as opposed to January’s awesome 31 days, so I had three less days to work with. Still, because of my Publishing 101: Draft to Book in 30 Days challenge, I feel I have accomplished a lot.

So what did I accomplish in February?

I wrote 17 posts for this blog; that’s 6 more than January. The majority of them—15 blogs—were written for the Publishing 101 challenge. In case you missed one, the list of posts with links can be found on the Publishing101 page.

One post in February was an off-the-cuff take on the philosophy of some English teachers that “Said is Dead?” Obviously said is not dead, but alive and well and should be thoroughly put through its paces.

The other post not involving Publishing 101 paid tribute to a wonder singer and song writer we lost in 2013: National Stompin’ Tom Connors Day. Every February 9th (Tom’s birthday), I’ll mark this special occasion.

I wrote and edited four Roots to the Past Genealogy columns. Besides the usual Tuesday snippet of the current week’s newspaper column, I added one post written by me to Roots to the Past Blog and reblogged a few posts written by others. My Diane Tibert blog kept me busy in February, so this blog was slightly neglected. Whoops, no negative remarks on the Monthly Roundup.

The lone post I wrote was:

I began writing the short story (which will probably turn into a novella) Letters from Elsie Fleet in February. It’s story of remembrance, of the resilience of a woman (Elsie Fleet) to cope with life after losing her husband in the Second World War, and of the treasures she left behind for her family to discover after her death. To date I have 2,284 words written.

Other writing related accomplishments that took place were:

  • I attended one writers meeting where we discussed writing a back cover blurb. Many of us brought a blurb for our current work in progress to read to the group. We also talked about what worked and didn’t work with marketing. I had a sore throat and was losing my voice, so my participation was limited. We also talked about Art Burton’s new book and the cover. The working title for this novel is The Bag of Money.
  • I completed all edits but the final edit (reading the paperback) of the humourous novella Fowl Summer Nights.
  • I made a trailer for Fowl Summer Nights.
  • I finalized the covers for the paperback version and eBook version of Fowl Summer Nights.
The official paperback cover.
The official paperback cover.

Outside of my writing life, the things that kept me busy during the past 28 days were answering email, reading blogs by others, updating my Facebook page, feeding the kids and the animals, shovelling more snow (and we had just as much snow in February as we did in January), hauling hay, tending to my sick youngest child (after he caught the flu from his older brother, who then gave it to me!) and holding one meeting and one outing for the photography members in our local 4-H group (I’m Photography Leader).

The fungus I captured on our photography outing.
The fungus I captured on our photography outing.

I also spent more time with our goats. We are trying to keep them in good condition through these long winter days, so I clean and trim hooves daily to keep them healthy. I also take our senior buck for a walk to get his legs stretched. We are also preparing for kidding season. The first scheduled birth should take place on or around April 1st. I added a blog about this to my Moonshire Meadow website about this: Goat Hoof Trimming Day

Rascal McTaz, otherwise known as Tazzy, getting his hooves cleaned and trimmed.
Rascal McTaz, otherwise known as Tazzy, getting his hooves cleaned and trimmed.

I have several exciting things planned for March. I feel it is going to be a very positive month with lots of activities.


5 thoughts on “Monthly Roundup of Accomplishments

  1. You accomplished a lot for a short month. I also feel optimistic about March. My goal – to complete the fourth book in my Amanda adventure series. Wish me luck. BTW I love Tazzy.


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